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    Small Black Charcoal Pieces Collecting Under Returns

    From the article, not a dig, it's buried in there: "The simple solution to solve this problem is to find another less noble metal to use as a sacrificial anode that corrodes but doesn’t cause staining " Here's one on Amazon. Link Do NOT just throw a Zinc ring in your skimmer. It does nothing...
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    Are there any Electrical Engineers on here? I would check out the above link. Pretty sure @Rattus Suffocatus nailed the solution with this one as far as a framework goes.
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    Soon to be IG pool owner

    Greetings from Cherry Hill! Listen to these guys. They know their stuff!
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    Biggest problem with TFP

    I can’t count the number of times I’ve looked out the kitchen window to see an empty SPA and ran out there thinking I’d set the valves wrong and drained it just to realize once I got out there that, nope, it’s still full of water. 3 years in and I occasionally still do it.
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    WannaPool DIY Pool Automation Build Thread

    It's probably the same as mine +/- an amp. Doesn't take very many amps to power the control panel and make a spark. It might also be printed on your transformer itself in the heater. But worse come worse, a 15amp breaker is what was probably on your Intermatic or whatever you had on there...
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    WannaPool DIY Pool Automation Build Thread

    I leave my heater on and control it with the three-wire config. Not crazy at all. The other thing I found on my heater, but I suspect applies to all gas heaters is that high voltage scary 240V line that runs into the heater immediately gets introduced to a 240V -> 24V AC transformer the minute...
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    WannaPool DIY Pool Automation Build Thread

    Welcome to open source! You’ll find something eventually!
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    Amazon Smile

    Well this is sort of pool related... Amazon Smile is now available in the phone app as well as the webpage. So you can support TFP even when you're buying from your phone...
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    WannaPool DIY Pool Automation Build Thread

    I ran into this same problem. I ran as root for awhile, the project can be moved or the homedir for node-red changed. Eventually I found setcap which let me bind to port 80 from the pi account for the node executable. I had both of those Alexa nodes stop working towards the end of last year...
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    PWM SWGs (Circupool 4th gens) and CYA

    I hear ya! This is my third season with my pool. Bought the house and having already learned about TFP methods in preparation I tested the CYA the day I got the keys... 200+ CYA!! Three nerve-racking pool drains later I promised myself to never have to do that again!
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    pH sensors that don't have to be calibrated

    I don't think you'd need a true PLC to read it. The signal is sent on a 4-20mA signal. Without looking I believe the megaIO has one of those. The industrial board definitely does. Maybe not having a PLC in there would give you space for a 24V P/S?
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    PWM SWGs (Circupool 4th gens) and CYA

    Well I'm definately bored! And just for anyone who comes along this thread and thinks I'm trying to change the methods of TFP as a whole, I'm certainly not and wouldn't dare. I'm just curious about this corner case for the few of us (well, and all of Austrailia) with the PWM SWGs and how it...
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    PWM SWGs (Circupool 4th gens) and CYA

    Sadly, I've found that people who truly enjoy what they do are far and few. Luckily, as network engineers, we don't have that problem!
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    PWM SWGs (Circupool 4th gens) and CYA

    EDGE40 here too. I just looked again, it was your thread on the EDGE40 that got me wondering about this. Good find!
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    PWM SWGs (Circupool 4th gens) and CYA

    Thank you for the data point! I provide a link to @chem geek's original post in the first post and quote him. You remember it correctly. I'm hoping the EDGE is the gentle FC generation he speaks of. My pool is surrounded by 50 ft tall oaks. The way the sun travels, I only get direct...