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    OB in NW Las Vegas- Open book here and on a budget

    Howdy neighbor! I live near Paradise Crest approx 4 miles east of The Strip off Flamingo. As a pool owner since we moved hear in 2009 I can tell you one thing I really wish we had was an in floor cleaner. The strong wings we have hear in the desert will blow a lot of dirt into your pool and its...
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    Changing Signature?

    Thanks Jason!! I havent been able to update my sig for months, i was just going under my user name, then sig, it looks like im in a user CP but cant edit there. where you said works!
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    Hole in pool wall, rust comming out?! With Hi-Res pictures Need help

    gwegan, thanks soo much for your reply! i was afraid it was something bad... Argg. We have been wanting to get the pool replastered since we bought the home 5 years ago. the shallow end looks like the surface of the moon. now that i pressure washed the whole thing to get rid of all the stubborn...
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    Hole in pool wall, rust comming out?! With Hi-Res pictures Need help

    Hi guys! so i battled the black algae monster for several months, it just kept getting worse. with 2 young kids and full time jobs there just isnt enough time in the day. So i researched and decided to do a chlorine wash and acid wash. It was soo bad that i have to pressure wash the entire pool...
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    Cleaning with pool acid killed my cells?

    Hey everyone, well I have a question for the group. As many may have seen my post on Intex SWG modding and such I'm using a pair in series on my inground pool. When they have calcifyed I cleaned them according to the Hayward manual as I had no vniger on hand and have continued that way for a few...
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    Red Service Light on Intex SWG

    Jason is right, I should have thrown that part in there too, the mod is only a bandaid and your cell may be putting out zero at this point. I have gone thru 4 cells on my system now and they all put out nearly zip at the end and yet no service light.
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    Red Service Light on Intex SWG

    Crokett, I have done alot of modding on mine in the past. Intex states that when the service light comes on "the unit is at the end of its usefull life and will require replacment" or something close. Its very easy to mod to run the cell constantly, anything more and a guy has to know a little...
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    Twin Intex SWG installation Modded to run 24hrs

    Curzon, good find! I just saw your posting.
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    CircuPool RJ-45g or 60g - Pls help me decide

    Crisps!! I just lost my entire post....well too much to retype, check this out, model 60 for the price of the 60 for the he t 2 days
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    Control your Jandy equipment from your PC with a $15 adapter

    Re: Control your Jandy equipment from your PC with a $15 ada Agent-P Wow great work! You must write software for a living nice interface, I'll keep watching this thread then when it's ready I may give this a try on my pool. Thanks for sharing w/ us!
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    Control your Jandy equipment from your PC with a $15 adapter

    Re: Control your Jandy equipment from your PC with a $15 ada this looks really cool, I read everything on the 1st pay then skipped to the end here. I'll have to look into how much a Jandy automation system is
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    Testing for Copper

    Vegaspool are you from Minnesota too? I was born and raised in Rochester, then moved to Winona then Minneapolis, left in 09 because of the cold and we like to do more outside than just 3 months but Darn I miss the people and the greenery. I spose I should ask a on topic question. Is the copper...
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    Hayward salt and swim question

    Just found it, ... _p_63.html some of the members here pointed me in their direction, this is nearly the same price as the salt and swim system but is a full unit with a 3 yr. Warranty! I gong to buy the next unit up because of my pool size.
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    Hayward salt and swim question

    I'd buy a real one and install it with 2 unions, then but to extra unions ans connect them with a straight pipe. When your ready to move just put in the straight pipe, and lift the power unit off the screws from the wall. You also have the benifit of Being able to run your filter while you...
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    Intex CS8110 Salt sensor question

    Pappaprime, where exactly did you add the pot to the circuit. I have an older one I modded the heck out of new LEDs, flow sw directly contols cell relay ect. I did this because I needed longer than 12hr run times on a 20k gal pool especially when it was 110+ last year and CSI was off. I had to...