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    Low TA but stable pH?

    FC: 5 pH: 7.8 TA: 50 CH: 390 CYA: 40 So my TA is on the lower side and has seemingly slowly decreasing over time. However my pH is more stable than it's been since having the pool replastered about a year ago. I've added just under a gallon of acid since the 1st of the month. I've been dropping...
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    1 Inch Return Fitting/Eyeball Options?

    Awesome! Thank you! Guess I just wasn't looking hard enough or in the right places. Can't beat that price either!
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    1 Inch Return Fitting/Eyeball Options?

    Great! Thanks for the help! I searched for hours and couldn't find the right size. I'll probably just order one and try it out. As for the company that refinished our pool it is not surprising as they left us with much larger issues. It was a nightmare dealing with them from start to finish. I...
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    1 Inch Return Fitting/Eyeball Options?

    That certainly seems like what I would need. However, in the Q&A section of that product someone asked the exact question I am and the INYO Product Specialist said he couldn’t locate a fitting to fit inside a 1 inch pipe. I’ll shoot them an email about it and ask. Thanks!
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    1 Inch Return Fitting/Eyeball Options?

    @Texas Splash I have seen those which I believe are the same as what's in my pictures. The "slip inlet" all seem to be 1.5 inch which is what I have here. I'm guessing that's a standard return pipe size for most pools? So essentially I would be trying to put something 1.5 inch in diameter into...
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    1 Inch Return Fitting/Eyeball Options?

    I'm looking for a possible solution or an option to add some sort of eyeball to my pool returns. The current returns appear to be just 1 inch pipes in the side the walls of the pool. Some are covered by the finish and some you can see the end of the pipe in the wall. Is there anything that...
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    HELP: New Plaster Start-Up Questions

    Ok sounds good. I'll pick up some Calcium Chloride to get it up to 250 and keep an eye on it. Thanks for all the help and advice.