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    Solar Breeze has a new robot

    I really want one and every year I think about it. It is always windy here and I fight a ton of organic debris that blows in the pool. My hubby hates anything floating in the pool when he is swimming so it would be in and out of the pool all summer long.
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    Would this bother you?

    Thanks everyone for the encouragement. They have a guy that comes behind and will fix anything your not happy with. He is coming this afternoon to replace the vent.
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    Would this bother you?

    We just had a new roof put on. They replaced all the vents and one is banged up. We view this side from our backyard So we see it a lot. The owner willl be picking up the check today. Would you complain or let it go? It’s hard to see because the sun isn’t up yet sorry.
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    Closing issues

    I have to close my pool tomorrow. It has been scheduled for months and I have roofers waiting to start putting on a new roof. They preferred the pool covered. I can't reschedule the closing because they loaded the roof today and are ready to go. The problem I have is that it has been pouring...
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    Hammer Head Vacuum for Personal Pool? The Leaves are Driving Me Crazy! Update: Completed 110v Build

    I thought about the Pool Skim and I started reading the various discussions and I changed my mind. You might want to research it on here.
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    Hammer Head Vacuum for Personal Pool? The Leaves are Driving Me Crazy! Update: Completed 110v Build

    I live in the Ozark mountains and it is always windy here. I just run my robot and five landscapers show up around the hood and go to town. Two hours later it looks like I haven't cleaned the pool in a week. My ultimate dream is to buy a Solar Breeze.
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    Diatomaceous mistake

    I wouldn't just yet. I would see if it settles then vac to waste or run your robot if you have one with the pump off. I would also try some fiber clear in the filter. It is safer than DE anyway. If you find it is working then brush, brush, brush to get it filtered out. Just remember that it is...
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    Reviving out of service pool: Finishing pad rebuild; deck cleaning

    I ❤️ U You are a true Inspiration 😊😊😊
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    Best Pool Camera for Safety

    Our heater must have had a rollout and the grass caught on fire.
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    Best Pool Camera for Safety

    I have 15 Blink cameras and have had them for two years. It is a very basic camera system but we have had no issues with them. No cloud fees, wireless and dependable. Your clips are stored on a sync module in your home. I was very thankful we had them when this happened this spring. The motion...
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    How can I use dye to check bottom main drain....for leak ?

    I had some iron stains on my main drain. I stood on the diving board and held my teenage daughter down with the pool brush so she could scrub it with a magic eraser. We had to do it a few times to get the job done but it worked.🤣🤣🤣
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    Most of these addons are not needed, right?

    I wouldn’t but I have a pretty basic system. I backwash one final time the morning of closing. Two or three days ahead I start a SLAM and make sure everything is good. The day of I make sure I am at SLAM level and they close it up. I have never used floc. My pool company offers that winter magic...
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    Bluestone stain woes - help! Pics attached

    Use hot water with the mix as well. you might have to scrub on it but it might work.
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    Will I need a different gas meter? Gas line suggestions?

    I am not an expert but when we had our heater installed we needed a dedicated line with two shutoffs. One is at the line coming into the house and the other is at the heater. Our gas company came and switched us out to a small commercial thing at the utility pole. It cost us $2,000 and I just...