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    New pressure gauge question

    I believe it did now I backed wash and it went down to 10psi but the pressure that's coming back to the pool I still powerful
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    New pressure gauge question

    Hello I just had my older pressure gauge fall off actually fall off.i guess from the rust so I got a new one installed it and now the gauge is showering a pressure of a line before 20 and with the older gauge it was like 25-30. at 30 I would back wash. What would cause the drop in pressure...
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    Pool factory liner and wall problem and question

    Goodorning this would be my third season opening my new pool we ordered from pool factory. I had it install from local pool installer now my question is. I spent the extra money on a 25 mil liner is it possible that 25 mil would have 2 holes in it? That I only noticed when the pool walls were...
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    No chlor orb and skimmer basket

    Good afternoon everyone I have question. I have a 21ft round AGP I decided to to try the no chlor orb this season as a helping hand with my chlorine. I read review l say it got like a 50/50 reviews. And why it try it if it will help with saving on chlorine. is says to put in skimmer basket I did...
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    question about self draining pool cover

    thank you i did pick up some sand while using my robot this season. now im thinking i should dump sand and check everything out. i always wondered why there was sand i thought it was normal for sand to come into the pool but not that much.
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    question about self draining pool cover

    hello all i just covered my pool for the winter months comming. i have had a self draining winter cover for the past 3 seasons and it has never worked right. one of my questions is can the hose line that comes from the cover and connects to the return where the water soppsed to drain out can...
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    This cant be happening after 2 years leaking. Need advice

    Good morning all. Yesterday I was pulling weeds out from around the pool and I noticed on the bottom of the pool a rust spot on the out side of the pool wall. I touched it and I felt water on my hand then I dried it up and saw a slow but steady stream of water comming out of the pool. This...
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    21ft round agp pool heater question

    hello i just did the calculator and it recommends this as a heat pump. ULTRATEMP 110 1 UNITS i never researched heat pumps just heard about actual heaters not pumps. so let me ask the question what is the difference i can google i just want to know and get an idea before google gives me about...
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    21ft round agp pool heater question

    Hello all I have a 21ft round pool that's about 10,000 gallons. I would like to try and see if I can get a heater for it to extend season. In currently in New York so our summers aren't that hot only maybe for a month. I have no natural gas. My only option is electric or propane. We dont a...
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    Cloudy and algie after using opening kit

    Hello I had my pool open for 2 week's I used an opening kit and vacuumed and ran filter but I still have cloudy water and some spots of alge all over pool. I did shock it but maybe it is not enough. I did also do a setup with 1 1/2 pvc this season and my psi is between the two lines after 20...
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