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    Pool habits/routines - Swim, Eat, Repeat!

    How often are you adding chlorine (I assume bleach) to raise your FC up? and do you just add enough bleach to get to the minimum or maximum FC for your CYA level?
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    50 lbs of Trichlor 3-inch tablets - mistake

    If anyone is interested in "helping" me correct my egregious error in purchasing 50lb of 3-inch trichlor tablets, I would like to sell them. Only after purchasing them did I come to the understanding of the way of BBB method and learn that my pool already had plenty of CYA. Now I am stuck with...
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    What DE should be used or avoided with DE filters?

    What Diatomaceous Earth (DE) should be used or avoided with DE filters? I haven't found very helpful information by googling similar questions. I tried to use food grade DE in my DE filter and quickly learned that I should probably stick to the DE that is labeled is sold for pool filtration...
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    DE filter - Basic questions

    I have a DE filter that looks more like a cartridge (Pentair ECDE60). Does anyone know how frequent the DE should be backwashed/filter grids cleaned? Everything I read says when the pressure gauge raises 10 PSI above normal, but my gauge is broken. My filter is so BASIC it doesn't have a...