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    New (+1st timer) Pool Build - North DFW

    I don’t have a Hide cover but something similar at 2 inch thickness w/o issue for auto fill. But I looked at hide and it comes in different and slimmer widths so maybe you can exchange for a thinner cover
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    Water should be full tomorrow, Tropics Blue with a Custom Jewelscapes Mix!!

    Hi. I got the sweepease (all nylon). Pool maintenance guy recommended I get a half nylon half steel bristle brush so I bought the sweepease version of that too. He said it will polish the glass in pebble and make it shine. But because of new pebble I plan to wait a year after plaster to try so I...
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    Adding Shimmering Sea???

    Yes. Little sparkles. Glass looks good in the pebble in sun or in shade for me.
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    Adding Shimmering Sea???

    We ended up with wet edge and getting both abalone and glass beads. (So it’s not the same as shimmering seas or pebbletec glass blends.) My main comment would be I probably would not do both again and only get glass. Up close look wise I prefer glass easily vs the silver color of abalone but...
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    Need input What would you do to fix tile?

    My grout seemed to lighten. It was darker at install. I agree the top line border can be ok but the middle white line I’d want fixed. Grout probably could be sealed or stained but I’d ask to see samples of the tile and stained grout if possible...
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    Pool buried deep enough? Will retention wall work? Did I really screw up? Free laughs inside (Eastern, North Carolina)

    I like Bperry’s step down idea. The wall is basically in the front via lengthwise steps, pool is lowered and it means the fence could stay as is. The other idea would be to tell them to put all the dirt back by the fence and keep the pool as is—now raised above ground. Any decking behind the...
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    Pool buried deep enough? Will retention wall work? Did I really screw up? Free laughs inside (Eastern, North Carolina)

    If you cannot regrade and raise your fence, we went through something similar (filling in dirt to raised level against existing wood fence and new wall) and had to have the bottom length of the fence reinforced with pressure treated boards (or maybe it was copper treated?). It was the areas...
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    Gun Shy - Buying an Gunite SW Pool

    While there have been frustrations with materials and delays I felt like there were some benefits. Part of the reason for the delays was the shortage of labor so our builder did a lot himself because he had to. Also spoke to a sub who did an excellent job. Pre pandemic he had a 17 or 18 member...
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    Tile Allowance, what is a good square foot price?

    According to my builder (maybe he was joking) I chose the cheapest NPT tile. He told me the price. Apparently both my first and second choice tiles were the cheapest and less than your allowance. The irony was I wasn't trying to be cheap. I chose these based on a showroom visit (which didn't...
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    New Build

    Hi. I don’t know if it’s common with cinderblock walls but I noticed a double coping (my description) effect on another member’s cinderblock wall. I thought it was pretty interesting.
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    Pebble done!

    I’m not sure. Our solar is still enabled. We never turned it off. When the filter first goes on a ton of water gushes into the pool (very shortly after pool is on it seems) so it makes me think there’s always water in the pipes except you didn’t turn it on so not sure how water was repumped in...
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    Rank these NPT Stonescapes finishes by how dark they are please!

    Hi. Of your sample pics I really like the middle pool pic's color but to me it looks more aquamarine. I found this site searching for water picture colors that my builder uses. I think all of your color's waters look really nice off of npt's site. But I think it's really good you were able...
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    Pebble done!

    I can pm the model. It does clean corners and crevices with a narrow attachment. I’ve also used it on the steps in the pool. It has nylon brushes at the end and not wheels. But I am also hesitant to recommend this particular model because to fully charge it takes a long time. That being said I...
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    Pebble done!

    I got it after startup but I found a brush suggestion on this site (not the whale though I looked into that) that I think makes brushing slightly easier and faster compared to the brush I had as part of an initial kit. It was the sweep ease (the full poly or nylon brush). I had a conversation...
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    Pebble done!

    I don't recall seeing much dust or debris in the early days but I'd lined the skimmer basket right away (I actually initially bought skimmer socks which did not fit) but found the paint filters or hair netting that's recommended here. That might help get the fine particles out and I changed...