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    What's this product? Borate?

    Hello! I just bought this product and was wondering if there's a way to know what it really is... and how to use it with Pool Math. Thank you!! Christian Jacuzzi SPA Velvet-Up
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    Getting Ready to SLAM

    Hi! Be sure to follow SLAM instructions. The "And Maintain" is very important too... Here's my 1st SLAM: My 1st opening Like you, after 2 days, pool went from green to blue, but very cloudy... than it took 16 days to complete. Christian
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    New pool owner that came with house - Toronto Ont

    Hello from Montréal! :cool:
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    Ok, please help with cloudiness

    Keep on going. My SLAM lasted 16 days. My 1st opening
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    Pool Math........The App

    Please make it optional or possible to modified... I use both Pool and Spa volumes in Liters, but temperatures are in F Thank you! Christian
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    What is this and how to clean it?

    Bad news... hope I didn't screwed up! if you look closely to my last picture, you can see the pool coping stone having a permanent "wet" effect where the acid went while I was brushing the ceramic tiles. Any solutions? Also, the efflorescence is already starting back at one place... Thank...
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    PoolMath app recommended FC levels

    Hi! I'm currently in the process of opening the pool. Temperatures are still too cold for my SWCG to work properly, so I'm currently treating the pool as a chlorine-bleach pool. In the app, pool is currently setup as a SWCG. My last test, FC of 7.5, CYA 50. How come the app is recommending FC...
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    What is this and how to clean it?

    Hi! I think it did a good job. I had to brush a lot, but I like the result. Thank you!!
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    My 1st opening

    No issues yet except for the rubber paint that will usually last only 1 summer.... Might change it next year to an epoxy paint... need to find a good contractor, not easy! Christian
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    My 1st opening

    Hello! Pool owner since 2014, but my 1st time doing the opening due to COVID-19. Usually, the company doing the opening will empty it all, acid wash, refill with tap-water and start all the equipment. This time, no emptying, no acid wash. I was a bit nervous to plug everything together, removed...
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