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    Circupool 240Volts

    Sorry to revive an old thread but I think this is needed info because this is the thread that comes up on google search. Circupool tells you to go to their help site to convert the unit from 220 to 110, but there is nothing on their helpsite and their support couldn't answer any questions just...
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    Under construction!

    Have had some rain delays now but we are in day 5 of construction. Which equates to Day 2.5 after weather haha. Here is a time lapse of it so far :D Doing about 20 yards of concrete surrounding the pool when it is done being installed. Hopefully swimming in 2 weeks...
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    New IG pool, going with a SWG. Help on which one?

    Thanks everyone. I will look into getting the sj40 then.
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    New IG pool, going with a SWG. Help on which one?

    Hey everyone, it is finally happening after months of planning, HOA approval and permits my pool install starts on Monday. I live in Crown Point Indiana(USA) the pool will be open weather dependent every year but for 5 to 6 months maybe? I do not have the exact models of what I will be getting...
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    About to have an IG pool installed

    Thank you for that, and that is what I read about EZ pool also but saw the threads were a couple years old and didn't know if anything has changed. I have been reading through pool school and it does mention a-lot of pros and cons of things I am asking about but since it is a new to be...
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    About to have an IG pool installed

    Hi all, I have been reading through this forum for the last couple of days and am very grateful for all of the information here! I am about to have a 16x32ft inground pool installed, 8 foot deep at the deep end about 19,000 gallons. It will have concrete decking 8 foot around and a pad poured...