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    Ledge Loungers

    I have 2 Ledge Loungers, I do not find them comfortable at all they are very hard and I am constantly slipping down on it. I find they lay back a little too far, nothing that a pillow behind your head wouldn't help.
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    Giardia Shock Recommendation

    Giardia lives in the ground and also carried on the fur of the dog around their anus, and on their paws which they pick up the cysts from the area when they walk. It is recommended you wash their paws and bum and do not allow them lick you as the cysts can be passed that way to humans. If...
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    When to open pool - NoVA

    Opened mine on Monday, sparkling clear water. I always open when water gets to 58-60 degrees
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    Loop-Loc Aqua Extreme mesh

    I have the cover, worked great. Opened to a crystal clear pool this spring. Hardly anything in it but a few leaves.
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    Winter cover.. which to buy....

    I have a Loop Loc Aqua Xtreme cover, it is very tightly woven mesh so leafs and small junk don’t get through. I have a forest on one side of my pool so I deal with a lot of leafs. Once a week in the late fall I blow the cover off, during the winter no leafs. I opened to clean and clear pool...
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    Middle of Slam - First time testing FAS-DPD

    I see you have stairs in your pool. Pull those out and check them over well for Algae, wash them well with chlorine/bleach. Algae hides in stairs and ladders, and in light niches.
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    A Convert to the TFP Methods

    Nice job on the pool, looks great!
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    Pool water for dog's normal drinking water

    All I can say is yuck! My dogs get fresh water multiple times throughout the day. I can’t even imagine how warm water left outside would be. My dogs also live in my house and aren’t left outside, even if they were they would get fresh water more than once a day. Their water bowls are cleaned...
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    Algae in my above ground pool

    I see in your picture you have a ladder/stairs in your pool, pull those out and clean them well with bleach. Algae hides in them. I would leave them out for the SLAM
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    Do you have a salter water generator? If you do then yes the CYA would be higher.
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    First test results with TF-100

    I would raise CYA by half the amount suggested, test after 48 hours and add more if needed. Edit using pool math I get 50 oz by weight to go from 20 CYA to 50 CYA
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    Starting my first SLAM

    Bring your PH down to 7.2 before you start your SLAM, one your chlorine is at and above 10 you won’t get an accurate PH reading. Test and add as often as you can and the SLAM should go quickly. Remember brush the bottom and sides often. If you have removable ladders or stairs take those out...
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    Leaf net or mesh net for very large Oak

    Wet or dry I use my leaf blower to blow everything off of my solar cover. It works pretty well, a bit more difficult when it’s wet. I then have my leaf rake ready to get anything that fell into the pool once the cover is off. I have a Dewalt battery powered blower just for the pool area.
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    What's your current pool temp?

    93 and awful. With very high temps and heat indexes all this week it is only going to get worse. My pump runs 24/7 added a fountain yesterday, water temp only dropped to 90 and already climbing. I’m ready to a have an ice truck deliver a dump truck full of
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    Use well water after the well has been sanitized?

    I would not use that water. The chlorine was put in to more or less SLAM your well. It is killing bacteria and other gunk that’s in there. Because of that it will have high CC’s, you do not want that in your pool. I have been through a well sanitizing and the water you flush can be nasty.