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    Pool pillows

    I'm liking this idea based on some research I've been doing. I already decided on the leaf net. Since I'm surrounded by trees I don't think a mesh pool cover is going to be much good for the water quality. How did you anchor the 55 gallon drum? I'm looking into getting one of those now.
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    New arrival

    I'm new and joining because the jack-of-trades that I kinda am, when it comes to pool care I'm not much of a jack at all. We bought a house with a pool 3 years ago and we're still learning about our pool care. I have a 25' above ground pool with a deck surrounding it. That makes the deck even...
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    Pool pillows

    I'm new to the forum so if pool pillows are already a thread please bear with me. I have a 25' above ground pool. There is a deck around the pool making the pool level with the deck. In the winter the pool cover is anchored to the outer edge of the deck, not to the pool itself. Is a pool...