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    Jandy/Zodiac Pump not working after replacing Salt Cell and Sensor

    I replaced the the PLC1400 along with the sensor and after plugging the new cables in, the Board that shows the Saline Level, the sensor board and the pump are not working. It is all brand new. Can someone please help. Thanks in advance for the help. Joe
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    iAqualink Help Needed

    Thanks for the quick reply and the help. The system and the app is great but I can't seem to find any kind of user manual or tutorial for setting everything up. I am kind of winging it as I go. Thanks again!
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    iAqualink Help Needed

    I have just installed the iAqualink System in my pool and have programmed everything. My problem is that I can't find a place in the system setup menu to change the light color. I have the Jandy LED Lights and they work fine turning on and off but how to I change the color? Thanks in advance for...