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    Stain ID

    Yes--I did the ProTeam Metal Magic sponge test three years ago and I used the associated Metal Magic prescription. MM removed most of the stains (caused by spring water lab tested at 4.44 ppm Fe). The stains were more of a gray color than your stains. The pool water turned very white and I used...
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    Solar Cover Disintegrating

    How high is your water temp? This is an extremely hot year for the west coast of the U.S. and my pool, which has never been over about 90 F and that was in late August, has already hit 95 once! According the the instruction sheet, water temps over 90 can damage solar pool covers. We are on...
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    Opening Day!

    Yes--we have a very long closure season here in Idaho but the forecast of a much warmer than average June motivated me to open a 53 degree pool today, which is earlier than the three years since I became a pool guy when we purchased this home. Very high winds over the last several months with...
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    Clean Core35 SWG at Closing?

    Thanks, mknauss! I'll clean it so it's ready for next year. My pool CSI is normally negative. The lowest it goes is in the winter when water temps near freezing bring it down to around -0.3. I'll try water first but the manual says I can mix one part muriatic acid into ten parts water.. It...
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    Clean Core35 SWG at Closing?

    I installed a Core35 at the beginning of the season. It has performed well and I've never seen the cell cleaning annunciator illuminate over all these months. I just closed our pool and I removed the Core35, dumped out the water, and stored it in a warmer environment. I noticed that the cell...
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    Turning the SWG off during SLAM

    My Core35 SWG simply plugs into a 110 VAC GFCI outlet so I put a wall timer in the outlet to insure it only comes on when the pump timer is set to run the pump (a safety precaution in case the Core35 water flow switch fails). So it's really easy for me to manage the SWG, with or without the pump...
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    Turning the SWG off during SLAM

    For a SLAM, I don't think that precisely quantifying chlorine demand really matters much, except at night when you elect to do an OCLT (and then your turn-off the SWG and eliminate all other sources too). During a SLAM, you must only keep up with demand but I don't see any reason to precisely...
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    Jacks Magic Stain Solution 2 Recovery

    Okay guys. My CC is finally back to zero! It's been nearly 10 months since I started the treatment. I checked it last night and again this AM and it's zero. It fell fast (relatively) once the sun came out and water warmed-up. The water is about 84 F now. We had cloudy, weather and a cool and...
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    Algae getting worse early in SLAM?

    Hey Texas Splash, How about a trichlor puck test on the steps too? I've never had organic staining but seems like yellowish stains could easily be organic (not that color is all that great of a diagnostic aid for stains in general, IMHO).
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    Jacks Magic Stain Solution 2 Recovery

    It's getting there (CC continues to drop), but I started the treatment 10 months ago! I used 20 lbs of sulfamic acid / #2 in a 17,500 gal. pool instead of the recommended 17.5 lbs so my dosage was a little high, but not that much higher than recommended so I don't think that's my problem. My...
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    Turning the SWG off during SLAM

    Until I'm ready to do an OCLT, I only need to now if I'm adding Cl fast enough to keep up with demand and maintain the target SLAM level. Even if I'm adding some or all of the Cl with my SWG, I can tell if I'm keeping up with demand and that's all I need to know. In fact, continued testing, even...
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    Trichlor and Liquid Chlorine experiment!?

    Yeah--I think mknauss has reported somewhere how much CYA he loses in sunny Laughlin, NV. It's not completely insignificant, as I recall. The first two seasons that I opened my pool here in Idaho, I had the opposite problem. Winter consumed ALL my CYA. This season was different--maybe because...
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    Turning the SWG off during SLAM

    Your second point is the one that matters to me, though I can always turn it off when I feel I'm ready to do a OCLT. Wear and tear though? Yup--it costs ya' (and electricity too) but, according to my calculations, bleach costs more--especially during these panic-demic times!
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    Jacks Magic Stain Solution 2 Recovery

    I ran the Jack's #2 treatment for about 10 weeks late last season. Then I balanced and closed the pool in December but had zero FC in testing. (Tests reported all Cl as combined.) I opened to a green pool about a month and a half ago, which was abnormal. FC is very gradually coming back but it's...
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    Sand filter clean pressure jumped from 12 to 17 psi

    I compared the readings against a second gauge and they agree well so it appears that I've got a partial blockage somewhere. At least the evidence points to it NOT being in the return plumbing! Strangely, the high pressure is not present when reversing the flow through the filter. Multiport...