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    Relay modification/upgrade possibility?

    When an SSR switches on, there is a voltage drop across the TRIAC junction that’s mostly independent of the load, so a higher current rated SSR will only be slightly cooler due to its lower loss. The data sheet should show a value for "on voltage" at full load or at differing loads. I don’t...
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    Relay modification/upgrade possibility?

    Your 6KW heater load is 27.3 Amps at 220V, so it's no surprise the 30A relays are failing. SSRs can be a good solution, but with your high load you need to consider the heat they generate from their internal loss. The data sheet I found on Ebay says 1.6V voltage drop, so at 27.3 amps that's 44...
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    Poolvergnuegen Pool Cleaner low wheel RPM

    Take the top off the cleaner and look for debris trapped in the gears. Check that the turbine blades are free to move.
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    Strange holes in pool cleaner hose

    Racoons caused the same damage to my hose. Cute & cleaver critters while in a zoo, nasty and destructive in your backyard. Good luck.
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    No Cell Power 2?

    If you just re-solder the failed connection it will almost certainly fail again if the relay doesn't fail first. The root cause is very high heat from the relay that is conducted down the heavy lead into the solder joint. The heat comes from the load current (your pump?) passing through the...
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    Stenner Chlorine Pump - Installation

    Nice installation. I love my Stenner setup and after 5 years of operation (pool open all year) I've learned to replace the pump tube each spring. If it cracks inside your enclosure you will have a bad day. Also, be careful selecting the tubing & connectors that come in contact with chlorine...
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    No Cell Power 2?

    The solder joint failed because of excessive heat from the relay due to oxidized or pitted contacts. You need to replace the relay, Omron G8P-1C4P 24VDC, about $10 from Amazon or Digikey. And yes, you can learn to solder on YouTube but big parts, like the relay can be challenging to remove.
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    Best Places to Buy Liquid Chlorine

    I just purchased 10% HDX at Home Depot in SoCal and the price is now $8.98 for 2 gallons. Last purchase in December was $6.86. That's a 31% increase.
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    Goldline Automation - Actuator Help

    All the actuators I've seen have a small 3-position toggle switch that sets normal action, off, and reverse action. Perhaps one of your switches is set incorrectly.
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    Holy Electricity Bill, Batman!

    If you have a Smart Meter installed for your service, you can go to the SCE.COM site and configure your account to show your usage by month, day, or hour by hour, usually delayed by a day or two. This is really useful to track down surprise usage. There are several low cost devices that...
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    Stenner with Tank Mounting

    The white Stenner tubing is not UV rated and will fail quickly in direct sunlight. Stenner also offers black tubing that is UV rated and works well outside.
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    Chlorine level varies greatly

    I had similar problems with my Stenner system a while back. It turned out to be an internment suction side leak at some compression fittings I used. I installed a flow meter on the suction side and could occasionally see an air bubble go by. I found and replaced the cracked hose and all was well...
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    Stenner Pump stopped working

    You could have a leak on the suction side from a cracked hose or fitting. If you have a duckbill check valve, it could be plugged. If you've never changed your black hoses in 6 years you could have sufficient sediment deposits to plug the line. Depending on how you attached the injector, you...
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    Reliable SWG's for under $700??

    If you are using 128 oz of 8.25% bleach every day in your 20K pool that's about 4.2 ppm loss per day. I think their may be a problem with your water, or the bleach.
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    Surprised when looking for chlorine in Murrieta CA (SoCal) coming from FL

    Welcome to SoCal. I get my 10% chlorine at Home Depot. I always check the date code and usually find it about 4 weeks old. This varies by store and occasionally some 6-month old shows up. If you are new to SoCal you may not be ready for our power rates. I'm on SCE and was paying as much as 31...