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    Glacier Chiller plumbing question

    I’m trying to figure out if I should leave my Glacier Chiller running while I’m out of town. My wife won’t know what to do if their is a problem. My concern is one of the automated valves. I’m wondering what happens if the automated valve dies and doesn’t flip to 12:00. See pic 2. When chiller...
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    My post-Ida salt level doesn't make sense

    I personally don’t see why this can’t be. We get that type of rain all the time down here Houston and can easily lose 1000 ppm. I mean think about how much rain water that is. I always keep my salt around 4100 ppm (what my SWG says) for these exact exact instances so that if for something reason...
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    CYA target level

    Just curious will the FC always fall quickly to the target level? Let’s say for example my SWG pool my current CYA is 80 (target level 6). If I raise my FC to 10 using LC and my daily FC demand is 3 and my SWG is set to produce 3 FC will my FC still fall to 6 as its trying to get to the target...
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    New build Pearland TX

    I’d Make sure and tell them to leave room for the SWG you are going to want after u get tired of draining water due to excessive CYA from the Chlorine tabs or dumping liquid chlorine in your pool EVERY day from May-October. Take it from a fellow Houstonian… Also, I’d consider adding some type of...
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    CYA bottle has label at different spot on 2 different kits

    Yes this is very frustrating. I’ve had several of these where the labels are not the same. Ie you’d fill the pool water to either more or less than the other. This has to make a difference on the test.
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    How I cool down my Pool

    Or you could go the Glacier Chiller route. Yes more money but it’s been 105 deg+ here heat index wise for the last three weeks! I have friends who’s water temp is 95 deg…
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    What are some things you didn't do, that you wish you would have when building?

    I would NIX any abalone shells that were added to the plaster and in its place added more glass beads. Abalone is a complete waste and causes stains when they leach.
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    High salt light blinking green on IC40

    Yes. Measured 4400 ppm with Taylor kit. Pouring now so it will be going down. When it rains in Houston…it RAINS!
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    High salt light blinking green on IC40

    I’m at 4200 ppm with a blinking green salt light everything else is green. Green light is coming on showing it is producing chlorine. My question is even though the chlorine light is green it is producing chlorine right? Basically the cell can produce chlorine with a high salt reading correct...
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    CYA testing question..

    I’ve seen lots of different posts with different answers. If at 70 the dot is still visible but at 60 dot is gone is the CYA 70 or is it 60??
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    Somewhat rough Wet Edge Primera Stone finish

    Man that looks very bad in my opinion. I have the Primera Stone Saphire Treasure and mine looks nothing like that. If I didn’t know what it was I would have thought that was quartz with all that mottling. My PB would be getting an earful.