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    New Pool Plaster Doesn’t Look Right

    Thank you for your help!
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    New Pool Plaster Doesn’t Look Right

    I don’t know much about pools but I knew they did something wrong. Thank you for the helpful info!
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    New Pool Plaster Doesn’t Look Right

    Hello, It has been windy as there has been a storm. Once it calms down hopefully in the next few days I can post new pictures. Yes, they rushed us and wanted us to fill it up before the rain came. The pool company owner acid washed it days later after it was full. He just added the chemicals to...
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    New Pool Plaster Doesn’t Look Right

    Hi, nice to e-meet you. Thanks for your help with this. It’s going to rain the next few days but once it clears up I will take another picture to show you.
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    New Pool Plaster Doesn’t Look Right

    Hi, our new pool was plastered last week with Quartz material. It is very uneven and blotchy and looks like traditional plaster and not quartz. I’ve been busy googling and need help. The pool company says it looks normal but I know it doesn’t. It also looks nothing like the sample we chose. The...
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