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    Concrete decking is cheap and hot?

    we are still in the planning stages of ours, and in the same boat. want the clean look and color of concrete but out here it gets miserably hot and holds that temp for hours. usually with concrete you need a 3" pour, compared to pavers or travertine, they are like 1-1 3/4" typically. so the...
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    Modern Coping Ideas Please!

    Same in AZ and if I can do everything I want to do to the backyard, it will be in direct summer sun from 9am-3pm and then shade. I have a 4yr old and almost 1yr old so there will be plenty us usage over the next several years and I want to make sure it'll hold up and be almost no...
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    15x25 pool in the works AZ

    So I've been reading here for several weeks now and have some questions. We are in the planning stages and leaning towards owner builder. I know a good amount about pool operations and worked in the industry for a couple years, but that was 15 years ago. Here is a design I came up with. We have...