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    Chemicals needed for pool closing

    Maybe draining the pool below skimmer and return line before calling pool service. I think blowing out the line can be done pretty easily with a small air compressor. I did it for the first one this year and was shocked how easy it was. The pool businesses operate during such a compressed...
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    Antifreeze and main drain

    The main line is separate from the skimmer line. And yes, just bought gizmos for both skimmers. Can the pipes have a weird pitch that’s causing this? In which case, rain water cannot get in there after it’s been blown out for the winter? In other words, I don’t need to worry?
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    Antifreeze and main drain

    I’m closing my pool for the first time. From what I saw on the net, I should be pouring 1/2 gallon of RV anti-freeze into the skimmer line. I poured about a quarter gallon and it won’t go down any more. Is that normal. I did blow out all the water using an air compressor. Also, main drain at...
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    0 CYA and 0 Chlorine

    Since the part of the water in the pool will remain there next year's open, is it common to open to a higher CYA? FC will be all gone I'm assuming.
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    0 CYA and 0 Chlorine

    So, you're suggesting I add stabilizer before adding chlorine right? Or both at the same time?
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    0 CYA and 0 Chlorine

    It was painful watching the numbers go down.. :eek:
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    0 CYA and 0 Chlorine

    3rd year of pool ownership but this is my first year I'm opening by myself.... and got it from a green swamp to clear water in about a week. Trying to tweak some things for next open so I can get this time down... and more importantly, cost down. As soon as I was able to get my pump going...
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    Aldi Chlorine

    I've been using bleach from ALDI for couple years but now they are saying 2 bottles per customer (due to COVID). Where are you guys getting them now? I need cheaper alternative than powder that I get from Menards (just dump over $100 during the opening phase).
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    Which chemicals do I need and best place to buy them?

    Did you mean to say higher concentration degrades slower?
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    Mr. Clean Magic Erasers?

    Anyone hear about putting these in the skimmer to filter stuff out of the water? Is there any risk in trying this out? What are those made of?
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    Sta-Rite System 3 issues.

    IM HAVING THE SAME ISSUE!!!!!!! Have you resolved this issue?? I bought new filters and it didn't solve it for me. I have not tried the rings as mentioned here yet. Please let me know if that fixed it.
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    Does 30k pool need 2 pumps?

    No, the pool is super old... maybe 30 years. I think they've been just patching and patching for years. I need to do a gut rehab. =( - - - Updated - - - One of the main indicator for me is that there are 3 returns back to the pool and only 1 is fairly strong.. other 2 are weak flow at best...
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    Sta-rite cartridge filter

    My apologies.. signature updated. I'll try targeting my ppm 2 higher. But if there are dead algaes (light brown usually) and I run it through the filter, should the return water be clear?
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    Sta-rite cartridge filter

    The filter has a hard time picking up those deal algaes. I only have 3 water returns at the top part of the pool and no out lines at the bottom. Which means I can only use the vacuum line to get to the dead algae. Should I buy an automatic vacuum? Will that solve this issue? - - - Updated - - -...
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    Sta-rite cartridge filter

    FC 7 (was 5 earlier today) CYA 40