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    Free Chlorine

    New TFPC disciple here armed with my TF-100. I’ve been testing my pH and chlorine daily and have a question about FC. So, three days ago my tests were as follows: FC: 3 CC: 1 pH: 7 TA: 130 CH: 225 CYA: 45 T: 83 I added 111 oz. of 10% to bring my FC closer to the target. This morning, I ran...
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    New Owner...pH less than 6.2

    My new test kit is on the way...thanks so much for pointing me in the right direction! I've got my TA up to a respectable level, but my pH is around 6.4 and needs to come up. I'm hesitant to dump anything else in right now, so I thought about raising the pH by aeration. I don't have any water...
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    New Owner...pH less than 6.2

    I used a Taylor test kit that was left behind and then I also used 3 different brands of strips (just to confirm before I did anything hasty). I’m actually not sure what it is. I wasn’t even close on the lowest color 😂
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    New Owner...pH less than 6.2

    I’m taking over a pool after purchasing a new home. Unfortunately, it appears that the pool was largely neglected by the widow prior to sale. The water is crystal clear, but my pH (and various other levels) are low. I was thinking to get started, I needed to get the pH where it needed to be...