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    powdery brown dusty silt

    I’ve been battling this all summer. We have a ton of pollen and junk in the air (surrounded by fields). I’m still not sure what it is. This fall when I close the pool, I’ll open up the filter and see if it’s channeled. Could be algae? Who knows. It I haven’t gotten a CC reading since late April...
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    Spring opening with well water

    Did it work for you?!
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    I've got absolutely no clue where to start!

    Wow that looks awesome! Well done! 👏🏼
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    opened 4 days ago still hazy

    How much FC are you losing during the day? It’s normal to lose some due to the sun!
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    Spring opening with well water

    The return bucket is filled with polyfil (pillow stuffing) and multiple 1/4” holes drilled into the bottom. I did not notice a ton being caught in there as the culligan filter caught probably 95% of the metals/iron.
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    Spring opening with well water

    Have you made any progress @sammismommy
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    First time opening my AGP.

    View the CYA chart. You need to add some liquid chlorine to get up to maintain levels. Your Free Chlorine is really low and if it stays low you are asking for algae. You need a more accurate reading of your CYA than 30-50. Looks like you also need to raise your PH. I would do this by aerating...
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    Black dirt like growth? Persistent but easy to disperse

    I am pretty sure mine is pollen. We have REALLY HIGH pollen counts by us. And when it rains, there is very little that accumulates on the bottom. I've been using skimmer socks since I noticed the black dirt like in the bottom, and I've had to empty it out 2-3 times a day because there's so much.
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    Spring opening with well water

    Good luck! Hope it works for you!
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    Spring opening with well water

    The only way I could see you using this for your current water is if you use a submersible pump, and have it run through it that way. You could try it, but not sure how well it will work.
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    Spring opening with well water

    These are the products I used: I then went to Menards and got the correct 3/4" adapters for the hose. And...
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    Spring opening with well water

    I'm also on well...I have HIGH iron content & overall hard water. Now granted I only ran my well pump for 2-3 hours, and used rain water the rest of the way to fill up my pool....this is the contraption I used. It's the same whole home filter that I have in my basement. Since my outdoor spigots...
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    Spring opening with well water

    Anyway to have water trucked in (non-fire truck)? I know you said you lived in the country but, figured I'd ask. How about collecting rain water as much as possible?
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    New House...First Pool = LOT’S of Questions!

    Here’s my test results this morning: 5/11 - 8:30AM PH - 7.5 FC - 16 drops - 8FC (letting it drift down from SLAM) CC - 1 drop - 0.5CC CH - 12 drops - 300 TA - 12 drops - 120 CYA - 30 CSI - -0.04 Water Temp - 70 Air Temp - 55 IT’S SO SPARKLY! 😍😎🤠 The pool gets sun ALL DAY. In fact the other...
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    DIY Pool Rehab

    Wow, this was an amazing read. Looking forward to seeing the finished project. GREAT (& hard) WORK!