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    New Pool Build - Not sure where to start

    Yeah we like a more modern look, so a basic rectangle is right up our alley :)
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    New Pool Build - Not sure where to start

    THANK YOU. I cannot begin to tell you how helpful this reply is. I didn't understand what half this stuff was and now I feel like I can ask educated questions - in fact Ive already started drafting responses to the 3 builders to address your points. I think we've come to the conclusion that the...
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    New Pool Build - Not sure where to start

    Thank you all for the responses. I think WE've mostly figured out the setback info thanks to a speedy response for the county zoning. It's true, some of them are very vague and I've had to followup up for more information and even then I dont know if I'm asking enough! ;) Here are a few of the...
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    New Pool Build - Not sure where to start

    Hi! We're in the planning process and have received a few proposals. I've been browsing the forum a few days and every time I do I feel more and more overwhelmed with all the choices I need to make and consider. I need help! We're in Miami and are still between a 18x18 or 12x24 size. We're on a...
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    Best Tanning Ledge Chairs

    Do you mind sharing how big your ledge is? I'm trying to get an idea if these chairs will fit nicely on mine.