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    Re: Did I add to much stabilizer to my pool ?!?

    Re: Did I add to much stabilizer to my pool ?!? Having too much stabilizer is definitely possible -- although strictly speaking it's not "too much", just "so much that managing your pool reliably becomes a huge pain in the ***" Yes, stabilizer = CYA and managing CYA levels seems to be one of...
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    Taylor kit, impossible to buy in the netherlands?

    Best bet would probably be to look for a local-ish Taylor dealer: The TF-100 uses Taylor reagents but provides differently sized bottles of each reagent to best match what you'll need for following TFP. The Taylor kits work the same...
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    Nitrates in pool, told to drain

    I'm probably missing something obvious, but which of the numbers you posted relates to nitrates ? Guessing it has to be the phosphates number but IIRC 200 isn't all that high... CYA definitely seems high and I don't know what the "Base" measurement refers to.
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    Newbie needs SLAMing advice, and how much sodium hypochlorite in Clorox Bleach?

    Ahh, OK. My impression was that your poool is still getting less green every day (or at least every picture). I even went back and checked the previous picture before posting last time... (thinks for a minute)... guess I'd better go check that the previous picture wasn't a "before" shot ;)
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    You told me....

    I think OP may have meant "based on the pattern I have observed while maintaining the pool the pH is probably low at this point".
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    Help! I can not clear up pool water

    Definitely. You'll find things suddenly become easy and obvious after you run a few tests and make about 20 more forum posts. Really !
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    Newbie needs SLAMing advice, and how much sodium hypochlorite in Clorox Bleach?

    Hey, that's definitely improving. Remember that green-ness and cloudiness are two separate problems.... and once you fix the green-ness there won't be any more cloudiness happening so your filter will be able to start getting rid of it ;)
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    How many $ do you spend on your pool in a year?

    The only parts of your post that seemed off to me were: 1. the (possibly tongue-in-cheek) question " Chime in here people, have you thought about just getting that bag of shock for $5 and throw it into the pool and be done with it ", implying that a $5 bag of shock would accomplish the same as...
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    CYA and Vacuuming

    In front of a return jet it usually takes a couple of days to dissolve. Putting it in the skimmer takes longer IIRC. The other good thing about hanging it from a stick in front of a return jet is that it doesn't interfere with anything you want to do with the pool, unless you poke your eye with...
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    So frustrated and getting more poor!

    What levels do your strips measure, eg do they measure CYA aka stabilizer ?
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    Now the work begims to dig out of the hole pool company caused

    It's too bad that cities won't let you return the water for credit.
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    Proud owner of a glorious swamp!

    That is an awesome .gif. Thanks for posting it !! EDIT -- found myself sitting and staring at it. I really need a pool.
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    Tomcat77 says "Thank you!" to all……

    Sort of a human-powered automatic chlorine dispenser.
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    My pool EATS bleach

    Tell her to get used to not smelling chlorine, and try not to look too smug ;)
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    Swamp pool

    Seems like you're doing everything right with the calculations, so if your FC level is going higher than expected that usually means your pool doesn't hold quite as many gallons as you think. My impression is that above ground pool capacity ratings are for when you fill them enough that the...