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    Coping Stones & Grout

    Hi all. I've cleaned and reset our coping stones around the pool. I'm curious how best to go about grouting the 1" gap to the pool and the 1/2" gap between the coping stones. Attached photo. I have sanded grout for both the pool edge and another color for between the stones. Which one would...
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    Grout Falling Out

    Thanks for the feedback. There is no expansion joint between the coping and paver deck. Just the pavers slightly more open near the coping stones. But with sand between the pavers, maybe they don't have room to expand? I don't see any polyurethane caulk anywhere. A pool builder came out, and...
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    Grout Falling Out

    First of all, a BIG thank you to this site. I have learned so much. Our pool is trouble free, and the family loves it! One issue is the grout below our coping stones is falling out, and the skimmer basket cover no longer holds. How should I fix these? Is it a DIY project?