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    Recommendations for Chlorine Tabs?

    I have two pools that the Pentair Salt Cells are dying or dead. They are not available from the manufacturer.. all on backorder. So recommendations for some Chlorine tabs to let float in the pool or skimmer. Thanks in advance.
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    Concrete coping eroding (pitting) - how to stop

    There are non wet / non slip looking concrete sealers. You can apply them yourself with a paint brush. Can't think of the name of a good one we used before but there are several. Just do not buy at a box store. Get at a concrete supply company or online. The popping us due to air...
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    IC40 no LED's on Output only

    Just getting back on this... unfortunately this pool does not have Screenlogic. Just the power box and cell. Works on Shock Mode where all lights blink but does not show any LED's on basic inputs ie 20,40,60 etc. Going to go back out today and reset the system again and call Pentair.
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    IC40 no LED's on Output only

    Have a IC40 that has power and flow but no lights on the Output (increase chlorine) buttons. Cell is about 3 years old. Need to test to see if its producing later today. Any ideas or feedback. Thanks
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    Installing Stair railing w. 1 post underwater -best way

    Thanks.. yes Art-1004 was my second option.
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    Installing Stair railing w. 1 post underwater -best way

    Looking to install a stair rail where one post sits underwater on a stair. I would expect that I could use a deck mount anchor below the waterline - but what is the best way to do this without draining the water. ?
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    Exposed rebar and plumbing after gunite

    The exposed areas on the exterior of the pool can be patched or repaired with concrete with a bonding agent and are not that big of a deal. The entire gaps need to be sealed. I would then request a waterproof agent by applied to those areas on the exterior. This will get backfilled so not...
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    Coping Repair - What to use?

    The primary repair should just use Sand Mix and maybe a little bonding agent additive. The mix should be like cookie dough kind of dry and crumbly - not wet. This is what the original install was and the spacing between the stones. The back side seems to be some type of grout or epoxy...
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    Frreze Damage to Pool Plaster

    This happens in New England from time to time. The fix is to grind out the bad or loose area and apply some new plaster. You can color blend the best you can - as it will never look perfect. Add a bonding agent to your plaster patch and again the area needs to be ground up with an angle...
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    Need a Pool Cover, advice please.

    Get a leaf net for storms or fall if you have leaves. They work great. Can install over a solar cover if you want to capture leaves etc.
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    Best Safety Cover Brand in Canada

    I use the Pro Mesh from GLI.
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    Info on vintage Stainless Mitra Pac Fab Stainless Filter

    Can someone tell me which port - lower or upper is the suction and return on this filter. We are building a portable pump/ vac system using this filter. Thanks in advance.
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    Smoothing rough plaster....empty pool

    This is the tool you want. Water driven pool polisher Runs off a 4300 psi pressure washer. Invented by Bruce Torrance at Coyote Pool Products but some places sell them online. Was thinking of buying one and renting it out.
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    Help finding Pentair Valve Actuator (longer screws)

    I need to find some of the longer screws for attaching the actuator to the three way valve body *Pentair valves. Have plenty of the shorter screws but none of the longer ones... Have not tried regular sheet metal screws or machine screws. The screws, set of 4 is being sold for $28 on Amazon...