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    Water evaporation

    So, we’ve had an unusually long stretch of heat and dry weather up in Oklahoma. I know it’s summer and all but I’ve got a few questions. Is it normal for a pool to evaporate quite a bit during a dry hot stretch. I’ve had to fill my pool several times in the last few weeks to the drain line...
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    Air bubbles in closest two return lines

    I’ll post some pics but how would swcg effect it? I’m assuming air is coming from suction side, not discharge side.
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    Air bubbles in closest two return lines

    Yes. There is air and turbulent bubbles. Not like the streaming flow I’m used to that looks like there’s no water when it’s running good. yes air comes out of pressure gauge but no the bubbles don’t dissipate
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    Air bubbles in closest two return lines

    I’ve got air bubbles, a lot, coming out of my two closest return lines and a small amount of air bubbles coming out of my spa return lines. I’ve checked everything. Skimmer basket doesn’t have any visible cracks. Checked Strainer Basket looks fine, replaced gasket, unions connecting pump to...
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    Few days of below freezing temp. What to do?

    Here’s a few pics of some tile line and plaster that popped off also, top of the skimmer. Doesn’t seem cracked so not sure if this is just the rim around the the top of the skimmer or not. thoughts?
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