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    Aquabot APRVJR Pool Rover - My experience (don't buy) -- Sad that Rover is dead.

    I typically took it out of the pool after about 30 min, though I did leave it in overnight a couple of times when I forgot. I'm mostly disappointed that customer service, though polite, was unhelpful. All I really need is a new motor.
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    Aquabot APRVJR Pool Rover - My experience (don't buy) -- Sad that Rover is dead.

    I got an Aquabot Pool Rover for Christmas 2018. It looks like this: It worked reasonably well last summer. This summer, it worked for a while and then began to not move. I washed the filter bag in the machine on delicate and replaced it. No movement. I removed the bag and put the machine...
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    Show me what your pool landscaping looks like at night!

    My pool is in the very middle of this image. :)
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    New member Lilly

    Sorry to hear about your husband and welcome. You're in good hands with this group.
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    Any way to seal a leak around a light with water in the pool?

    Here's an old thread that might contain something useful. One person recommended inserting a metal plate in place of the light and using liner patch over the hole. Short term, if you aren't losing too much water, maybe it's not that big of a deal.
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    Any way to seal a leak around a light with water in the pool?

    I don't think there is any problem with draining the pool of half the water to get at the gasket as long as you keep enough water to prevent the liner from moving around. I'm on a well too and I can fill my pool a lot faster than that. Your pool is somewhat bigger, 3 garden hoses at full...
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    Removing Sand from Stairs

    Instead of reading the forum before putting my new Confer stairs in the pool last year, I went ahead and followed the directions that came with them. I filled them with sand. They were a pain to remove for closing last fall, but I managed it. This spring, it wasn't too hard to put them back...
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    Hot deck

    You could add a piece of trim to cover the badly cut boards. Something like this one that is hinged so it can fold back to allow access when it comes time to replace the liner.
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    Hi from a Little Pool

    Welcome Krumcake. I had a similar issue with the app. If you figure it out, post the solution here. I eventually gave up and just use excel to log my chemicals. The online calculators are excellent. As for a pump and filter, I think this one is probably the combination pump/filter that...
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    Clear water ... until I brush!

    @wireform Germicidal bleach is only 8.25%, so you will need more than if you buy the 10%. At my home depot, germidical is $6.58 per gallon. while chlorinating liquid (the 10%) is $9.98 for a 3 gallon case.
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    Algae Eater Pro - Too good to be true?

    I've been seeing ads on Facebook for the Algae Eater Pro. I'm a skeptic by nature and the claims it makes seem too good to be true. I'm curious to know if anyone knows how this is supposed to work and if anyone has tried it. It looks like it has a replaceable copper anode that is powered by...
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    Privacy fence

    You could use these Simpson Strong Tie post spikes instead of digging.
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    How to make a pool cover roller

    I did some looking on youtube. PVC - deflects a lot, almost comical. Looks nice, uses roller blade wheels for bearings, not sure where you would get the massive steel pole. This one looks nice. You can probably make do without the nice computer guided device he uses to cut the wheel...
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    DIY Solar Heater

    @mas985 No need to apologize. If I gave the impression that I thought DIY would be a better choice for raising water temperature per dollar spent, I apologize. I thought I made it clear that I thought a commercially available version would be more efficient. Thanks for running the math. Mine...
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    DIY Solar Heater

    I built one last summer. It relies on pressure from the pool pump to push water to the top of my garage where I have about 1000 feet of 1/2 inch polyethylene drip tubing. I built two manifolds out of 1/2 inch tees to separate the input into 10 equal lengths of tubing and then collect them up...