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    How much would you pay to remove sod and level the ground for a large above ground pool?

    Was quoted $100 an inch for the 2 above ground pools I owned and that seemed fair considering one of them had a super high side and ended up needing 14" removed.
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    plumbing under gunite shell

    There is gonna be lines under the pool regardless as far as main drain and things . our lines besides drains and infloor cleaning run along the side but theyre still under the decking so I dont think it would be an issue... Its your pool in the end so tell them how YOU want it ran. Sounds like...
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    What speeds to use with my VS pump?

    You're gonna have to experiment with it and see what works for you......mine is on 75% 1st thing in the am (8am)while the In-floor system cleans then ramps down to 60% for a few hours to surface skim. at night its on low (50%)for a few hours and that is the times I add chemicals. Start low and...
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    Home Depot 31.45 muriatic acid

    Our Home Depot mixes the stock together so you have to dig thru the boxes to find the higher ratio 31.45
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    Pergola over pool?

    I would do posts and shade sails instead of a pergola for the above mentioned reason of birds and paint and they can be un-clipped and removed when needed
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    In-Floor Cleaning Systems, Venturi Skimmers and LeafVac Containment

    I'll chime in on the Venturi system and say I had no clue what it even was when we got the whole system all i know is it came with the setup but I can say when I played with it and adjusted the valve that thing had suction like a toilet bowl ! the down side is when the pump is running and you...
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    Plaster finish question

    looks like mine did...jus means thicker plaster in those spots. i'm sure the plaster folks dont like the extra work but they do it and make it smooth
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    Maintaining FC

    Seems like you are over thinking......the key is between 5-7 if it falls a little bit below for a day its not gonna hurt ya......I test every other day once and add chlorine on those days to put the levels at the top of my range to give me that room between adds. right now I am at half a gallon...
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    In-Floor Cleaning Systems, Venturi Skimmers and LeafVac Containment

    I have the whole great !! turn it on a few hours in the morning and the pools has been clean since we have owned it with zero issues. Runs at 8 am at 65% and after that switches to skim and the pool sparkles. I guess label me lazy.........All I have had to do is set a timer...
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    How Fast does your pool water evaporate ???

    Buckeye area pool is 13500...was trying to determine what was doing the most damage to my water bill, my pool or the irrigation system.
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    How Fast does your pool water evaporate ???

    About how fast does your pool water evaporate in the summer??? I'm in AZ and trying to determine the increase in my water bill since its gotten hot outside....... gallons by numbers??? $ amount of water bill increase???
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    New Build Suggestions, Mesa, AZ

    AZ pool here......I have 1 skimmer, IFCS, Main Drain, VS speed pump, No Salt system , (still debating on getting on added, so far adding chlorine every other day hasn't been to much of an issue). The cleaning system works great , I know folks on here Crud on them but mine works like a charm , I...
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    Need some ideas for shade for pool patio..

    I know it says beyond umbrellas but.....Use big umbrellas ......structures will never give you shade in the spots you need unless you have a canopy with 3 sides. Umbrellas allow you to move them throughout the day based sun positioning. we currently use six 11" and shuffle them around because...
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    Adding Muriatic Acid directly to skimmer

    Been a while with this post being active but but be careful doing it with the infloor system......we did this the 1st few times as the builder said it didnt matter , the acid shoots thru those heads if its running and can streak the floor if you have pebble tech almost like an acid wash and we...
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    Umbrella Sleeve ideas ?!?!?!?

    Thanks all.....Splash I found that after I posted ! I think thats the route I'm gonna go as well