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    SLAM or Not

    Last year I opened the pool to a black mess, so this year I was prepared and picked up 15 gallons of chlorine yesterday (can't return). Today I finished cleaning the cover (black tarp), and removed to a crystal clear pool. Removed some leaves in the pool and have the robot running around. Its...
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    Green Tint Deep End after opening

    What TSP product do you recommend for cleaning the filter? I am hoping it didn't happen, pool pressure was 24 when I put the new filters in and its still at that level low - so I guess they can't be clogged to much.
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    Green Tint Deep End after opening

    Thank you, I will continue to SLAM and bring the numbers back up tonight when I get home. I should note that I added the clarifier on 4/16 and put the new filters in on 4/15. I will look at the filters as well. Now the question is, how do I get it out of the pool so I don't ruin my second set...
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    Green Tint Deep End after opening

    Thanks for the response. Pool was built 8/2018 filled with municipal water and closed by the pool company. Opened and closed in 2019 by them as well. I think they use an algaecide, shock and that same clarifier when they open and some phosphate chemical. I finally decided to do it all myself...
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    Green Tint Deep End after opening

    I have clear water, I can see the deep end drains clearly and almost read a newpaper that flew in the other day on the bottom of the deep end, but there is a green hue to the water in the deep end only (picture attached it was windy). Reading a bunch of the threads and I guess I am stuck for...
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