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    Handrail required?

    I am building a pool in NJ that has an 8 foot round entry step and a swim out in the deep end. Is it a code requirement that we have handrails for this? I found online that it says no, but my pool builder isn't sure. I would much rather no railings do to the look of it. Anyone know what the...
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    Salt chlorinator to vsp?

    I have a hayward tristar vsp and a hayward aqua rite salt chlorinator. Im using the built in tkmer on the pump to time the pump. The salt chlorinator is not on its own timer. 1. Can I wire the salt chlorinator directly to the pump so it can use the same timing sxhedule? 2. If not, do I need a...
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    Blue stone coping ?

    Or this
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    Blue stone coping ?

    Hi Tim, thanks for responding. I did see that product, but I was looking for something larger than the 6" bullnose. Maybe like 12 or 14ish.. They make the long cap in 24" inches I think but I don't think the hardscape company would custom cut my pool without charging me a small fortune.
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    Blue stone coping ?

    I am looking to have a blue stone bullnose looking coping. Does anyone know of a paver that looks similar to bluestone but is not natural stone? I like the bullnost paver look but all the pavers I have seen have been very small and maybe 3 inch max. I am looking for something a little larger but...
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    Excavating problems.. who is responsible?

    It doesn't spell out specifically who is responsible under those circumstances.
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    Excavating problems.. who is responsible?

    My PB had pool excavated days before kit deliver. Pool sat several days between wall assembly and inspections. We kept getting bumbed for other jobs too. During the past two weeks we have had monsoon rain causing pool walls to sink in and cave in many areas. What used to be a 7 foot perfectly...
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    Jets in step and swimout.. no air

    My PB is installing jets in the steps, swimout and bench. In a previous pool we built they PB installed air line with the jets that created water bubbles. This guy is saying they dont do air lines because they are trouble.. Is this true, has anyone heard of having jets with no air before.. I'm...
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    **Need Help Matching Bluestone coping!**

    Love it!! What stye coping is that. It looks smooth too not like some of the cobbled ones I've seen
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    **Need Help Matching Bluestone coping!**

    I just love it. What coping did you use. It looks nice and smooth too.
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    **Need Help Matching Bluestone coping!**

    What color and brand pavers are those?? Love them!!
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    HELP!! Need Opinion on shape

    Hi there, we are building a pool and have reached a roadblock with the shape. We love the fun playfulness of the oasis shape, but our yard is very long and narrow which I think would suit a rectangular shape better. I have 42 feet from my house to my property line. Our town calls for 10 foot...
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    New pool in Jersey...they're here!

    Did pool town install your pool? It looks like a familiar shape with the sundeck. Did you like them?