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    Polaris Autoclear Plus plagued by error code 94

    Yes, I replaced the entire cell, including cable and flow switch. An interesting symptom that I noticed - when rebooting the SWG, its 8 hour run time begins. At 8 hours, only the top "salt level" light is lit - at 7:59, all BUT the top light is lit. at 7:58, another light goes out, as if the...
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    Polaris Autoclear Plus plagued by error code 94

    Do you mean a loose cell cable? I've checked that, and even replaced the cell. I'm going to go change the fuse holder right now and try to connect the cell outside of the "box" in which the wires are.
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    Polaris Autoclear Plus plagued by error code 94

    At this point, I've replaced every component in the system, to no avail. Could the GFCI outlet to which it is connected be causing this issue? *note - it's not tripping, and does disconnect power from the Autoclear when manually tripped.
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    The most disgusting thing I ever ate

    It was a dare. You HAVE to do it . . .!
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    The most disgusting thing I ever ate

    A raw egg. Including the yolk. Never again.
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    Polaris Autoclear Plus plagued by error code 94

    I called Polaris back again, they are sending me a third control board and a transformer. yay.
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    Polaris Autoclear Plus plagued by error code 94

    So I was all gung ho this season, got the water CRYSTAL clear thanks to TFP. Then I found out that my SWG wasn't working. I've been back and forth with Polaris, and they sent me a new cell (as in previous years I've already replaced the control panel and the entire control module). So it was...
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    Can you use pool cleaner whiles shocking?

    AFAIK, it is not recommended as the high chlorine levels can affect parts of the cleaner.
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    Do nothing till Test Kit arrives...

    I'm not sure what that is - do you leave a pool light on at night?
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    How often should you change sand?

    Some say change it every five years, others never change it. If it's filtering adequately, why bother? If it ain't broke . . .
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    to floc or not to floc

    In my experience, if all of the algae is dead I'm in a hurry, I just turn off the pump for a good number of hours and it floats to the bottom on its own. I generally only do this when there is already extra water in the pool that I need to remove anyway. If youdo thus, the water will probably...
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    Pilot Light Won't Stay Lit

    Before removing it, you want to make sure it's actually in the fire from the pilot light. If it is, the just hold the control valve in longer until it can hold the valve open. These are not terribly expensive but can be tricky to get to when replacing - I have to use a little mirror to even...
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    any paticular time to run filter?

    I run mine at night when energy is cheapest, and an hour or two during the afternoon to circulate the heating water. I've come to the realization the my SWG has never worked in 4 years, so the cloudy water I've battled since building the pool has probably been because of that. I have a new...
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    how to clean a inground pool ladder

    Can you describe the gunk? Can you not just wipe it away with a wet towel? I wouldn't recommend using any kind of abrasive cleaning tool because it would likely scratch the surface.
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    Do solar covers burn chlorine the same as open sunlight?

    The sunlight will still affect the chlorine in the pool. How much depends on your cover - what colour is it? Generally, the darker the cover the less chlorine is lost to sunlight, barring all other variables. The blue ones seem to be a good balance between letting the sun in to heat and block...