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    Slamming when water is cold

    My pool water is 55 degrees and crystal clear. When sweeping I see a small amount of algae on a couple of walls. CYA is 50. Is the chlorine level for slamming still 20 when the water is this cold?
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    Lower cc without a SLAM

    I completed my first SLAM last Tuesday. At the time the cc were 0. They stayed 0 for several days. Now they are just under .5. How can I lower the cc without doing another SLAM? Seems I shouldn't have to SLAM again. The water looks great. It is probably the clearest it has ever been. We...
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    first SLAM, white residue on bottom

    CH was 300 before I started the SLAM. I think the SLAM is completed. Didn’t lose chlorine overnight, cc are 0 and water is clear. It took 6 days. The white powder on the bottom is pretty much gone. Still can’t figure out what the white stuff was on my cartridges. Never seen it before and the...
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    first SLAM, white residue on bottom

    Prior to adding coloring, test results were fc 2.5 cc .5 ph 7.8 alk 90 cya 55 Last Wed I started my first SLAM. I decided to SLAM because my fc was low and there was a little bit of algae. I added 9 lbs of calc hypochlorite. I used hc because I had it. That is what I previously used for...