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    Hello I am 54 years old, I know how the chemistry works in the pool , I tired to go to

    Welcome! Glad you found us. This is a wonderful site with friendly, knowledgeable, admins, moderators, and members. I've learned a lot in the short time I've been here and saved a bunch of money too.
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    New Cover Questions

    You can also use your pool brush to try to smooth elevated areas & wrinkles.
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    Second year, I have mystery algae in the vacuum hose.

    Yes, that's your cleaner hose. Sounds like you need to raise your FC levels. Are you adding liquid chlorine daily? I know Clovis is hot & sunny in the summer.
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    Just started SLAM #3 this season...what am I doing wrong?

    Thise pictures look similar to the pollen blobs we were getting a few weeks ago.
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    Chlorine vanashes

    FC should be between 5 - 9ppm, with a target of 7ppm with a CYA of 60.
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    Pool deck experience with hot concrete pavers

    I used an IR thermometer today. Late afternoon. around 4:39. Temp was 93 degrees, no clouds, about a 15 mph breeze. The stamped concrete was +/- 125 degrees, the pavers were a little cooler at 121 degrees.
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    Pool deck experience with hot concrete pavers

    Agreed. That's what we had in Phoenix and while warm, it never felt too hot. Can't use it here though, too many freeze-thaw cycles.
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    Pool deck experience with hot concrete pavers

    Our pool deck is stamped concrete and pavers. Both get very hot. Our 2 year old wears Crocs around the pool, we wear flip flops and sometimes splash water from the pool to cool the deck near the water to cool it when our son wants to climb out to jump in... over & over, & over 😁
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    Need opinions on what to do please

    The biggest differences between pucks and liquid chlorine is that liquid chlorine will require almost daily maintenance, but it won't add stabilizer so you won't have to deal with draining & refilling as a means to control the CYA levels. My daily pool maintenance is 5-10 minutes. Check levels...
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    Need opinions on what to do please

    No, stay away from Clorox as it has other additives you don't want in your pool. Chlorinating liquid, 10% or 12.5% is what you want. Most Home Depots, Lowes, and farm type stores carry it, as does Walmart. We typically use Walmart Pool Essentials 10% as it's the best value in our area.
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    Need opinions on what to do please

    No. The first step is to get a good test kit, TF100 or Taylor 2006C, to find out what your pool chemistry really is. Then, based on the test results, we can make recommendations to help keep your pool clear, algae free, and sanitized! I also would recommend the PoolMath app. It makes logging...
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    Is there a go to place to get all chemicals from?

    For some reason neither Lowes nor Home Depot carry many pool supplies in my area, and no liquid chlorine. I've been Pool Essentials liquid chlorine from Walmart, and Muriatic acid from Leslie's.
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    Recovering from Leslies pool mishandling

    Welcome! And most of the pool care professionals, aka pool boys/girls, are not much better. You are in the right place.