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    High CC but clear water

    Yesterday, I added several pounds of dichlor shock to get FC up to shock level, in preparation for closing on Monday. A lot of leaves blew into the pool overnight which apparently caused havoc with my water chemistry because it is showing a CC level of 1.5 now. It also showed that I lost at...
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    Ideal CYA, PH and TA when closing a mesh-covered pool

    What is the ideal CYA, PH and TA level when closing a pool with a mesh cover that typically has to be drained 4-5 times over the winter to keep water level below the tiles all winter? Last year I opened up to a swamp with 0 CYA, low TA and high PH that took a long time to clear up so I need to...
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    Fiberglass pool settlement problems

    The concrete cantilever coping above the tile line in my fiberglass pool is cracking significantly in all 4 corners and small chunks of concrete have been chipping off for several years now. A fiberglass pool company tells me that the problem is caused by settlement and a dewatering system...
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    Sand filter making crackling sound and water found near sand filter & pump

    This morning, when I went to turn the pump on for the day, I noticed that the ground around the pump and sand filter was wet. I turned the pump on, and the sand filter was making a strange crackling noise. I didn't see any water leaking from the pump or sand filter when the pump was running...
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    Vacation advice needed

    Thanks for replying to my post. Will 20 ppms of chlorine last 7 days when the pool is covered? If not, I could possibly ask someone to come add a few gallons of chlorine mid week but I hate to do this if it isn’t necessary since the brackets on the deck are sometimes tricky to get on and off...
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    Vacation advice needed

    I’m thinking about putting our mesh safety cover on our pool before we go on vacation in a few weeks so I don’t have to ask anyone to come over twice a day to dump out the skimmer baskets. Our pool is surrounded by trees so I’m hoping that covering the pool will decrease our chances of coming...
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    Questions before a SLAM

    Thanks for the advice. Are you saying that I should go ahead an increase the TA to 60 now, and then lower the PH with muriatic acid, before I add the Dichlor? Or should I increase the TA to 60 now, add the Dichlor, test the PH (since Dichlor might lower it) and then add the proper amount of...
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    Questions before a SLAM

    I just opened up our pool. The water is greener than usual because I opened the pool so late. Pool is surrounded by trees so I blindly tried to get the leaves out of the pool that blew under the cover, but I may have missed some since I can't see the bottom. Here are our test results...
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    Questions before opening pool ourselves for the first time

    We are going to open up the pool ourselves this weekend for the first time instead of paying a local pool company $250 to do it. I have watched several Youtube videos and read the information on this forum and it looks fairly simple to me. Before we start opening it, I have a few questions...
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    Polyquat goof before closing

    When I added the polyquat to my pool this morning, it came out of the bottle much faster than I expected and I ended up dumping the majority of the 32-ounce bottle into one small area in the deep end. I only got about 3-4 ounces of the bottle into the shallow end. I ended up adding 10 more...
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    Using cal-hypo temporarily for daily chlorination

    I can’t find any liquid chlorine in my local stores so I was thinking about using cal-hypo for daily chlorination until our pool service comes to close our pool on Friday. We plan on closing at half shock level since we are using polyquat at closing so I will just be using the cal-hypo to keep...
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    Closing with mesh cover before water temperature is below 60 degrees

    Thanks for the advice! Since the weather forecast is predicting unseasonably warm weather and rain the next few weeks, I think I will go ahead and close with the Polyquat. I‘m not going to be able to shock it beforehand though because I’m afraid the FC won’t go down enough in four days to use...