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    Considering if Switching to SWG for a Maryland pool season worth it.

    Well I fall outside the Newdude's list :) i have an AGP (7k gal), a 4 to 5 month season and a seriously over sized RJ45 SWCG .... i'm also lazy and hate the daily dumping of chlorine and love to go away for periods of time ..... The SWCG is a life saver and i would not be without it ..... I've...
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    Does anyone have experience fresh water ionised pool system?

    Probably one of the best reads that as a commercial pool advisory from a government department that supports CYA up to 50ppm and largely agrees with TFP -> This clearly states that Chlorine is the only...
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    Ahhh... the CYA test is driving me nuts

    quite honesty those should be taken with a grain of salt, a few people have proved the actual volume is less my own 12x24x52 is spiced at 32k [email protected]% but is around 26/27k litres measured and those numbers work for chemicals. I’ll bet you are closer to 13k gallons at a real working water...
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    Is it required to use all CPVC after pool heater? What about polyethylene pipe underground?

    It has been recognised that residual chlorine can impact the service life of PE pipes but with service life measured around the 100yr mark it may be slightly moot point generally. Researching this i found this pdf to read...
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    New here as well, wish I got here a lot sooner

    Welcome from Canberra, There are a few Adelaide members now Looks like your well and truly on the right track with your CCL test kit, when you have a chance can you post a full set of test results, round your CYA up to the next 0 value ie 43 -> 50 TRUST your CCL kit results. You haven't passed...
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    Test Thread

    not testing today
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    New Intex 32x16x52 build with deck (lots of pictures)

    Consider the stock intex/bestway pumps max out somewhere around 10psi from memory the risk of the non schedule 40 pipe bends bursting is likely zero :)
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    Stand pipe to multiport valve

    Typically there will be an o-ring there to provide the sealing. not sure for your exact model where it's situated but i have found it listed on multiple different parts diagrams for other MPV units
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    My pool is green!

    What Marty said... he is faster on the keyboard :)
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    Keep adding chemicals?

    I'm going to call @Costas > DownUnder to see if he can provide some more advice being local to Adelaide. If you use the poolmath application then let your CSI be a guide but don't let it rule :) if your 3x larger pool behaves similar to my AGP over winter with a cover you will go weeks doing...
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    Keep adding chemicals?

    Ok a few things pop out for consideration - Adelaide (ADL) still gets decent to higher temps through March so you still have 4 to 6 weeks of potential swim time - ADL doesn't get cold enough to close pools like in the US, coldest mean min is 7.5c (45f) unless your up in the hills i guess -...
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    Too much salt

    I'm with Joyfullnoise, you just need to ensure all the water is mixed fully. The drop salt test itself is no better than +-200ppm (ie one drop) and if your not using a magnetic stirrer could be worse purely due to the manual agitation of the test sample. run a few tests including one with water...
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    Hello from new member, first time pool owner

    Welcome Roger, from all the way down south in Canberra.... you are in my favourite part of the country, just haven't visited now for a couple of years check out Pool School - Trouble Free Pool when you get a chance fill in you signature so we can get details of pool and equipment TFP promotes...
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    Falling PH in vinyl AGP with swcg

    Jim, absolutely zero chemicals .... just the aforementioned fresh rain water. The dilution volume has been enough to,explain most of the drop considering I’m doing the 10ml sample test and I’ll be raising the TA today. i am surprised a little that the PH basically fell to the lower end of the...
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    Falling PH in vinyl AGP with swcg

    Test overview from today CC is 0 The solar cover on and has been for about 14 days now as the weather has been variable and not really conducive to having a swim. The SWCG was off for about 5 days and has been back on for the last 4 @ 10% for 6 hours seems to be holding FC at the upper end of...