I'm a geek.... one of those geeks that learns and reads everything they can get there hands on about a topic they are interesting in at the time. These days i'm a IT process person, i'm also a data person that interprets data sets and tries to turn them into understanding and knowledge.
I get irritated and frustrated by stupidity.
Whilst it's been a few years, XMAS lighting, the rgb computerized kind are a huge thing and the forum I personally own (ACL) has often led the world.
The Australian forum came about from the uniqueness of the australian lighting requirements and whilst this is not so evident in the pool scene we seems to have subtle differences that are important for all to understand.
feel free to call me AP in posts
Canberra ACT
Do you currently work in the pool industry?
  1. No
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Bestway 12'x24'x54" rect, 26,000 liters, Pentair Enviromax 800 3 speed pump, 32"" Sand Filter. 2" hard plumbing, Compupool Ti-RJ45 SWCG, Clear Choice Labs test kit,
magnetic stirrer with 3D printed adapter