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    how many pucks to increase cya from 20 to 40-50

    I still have an inline chlorinator hooked up even though I've been using a Stenner Pump solely. Opened the pool this season over two months ago and cya was around 50. Slow and normal decline over the past two months to roughly 20. I unplugged the stenner and put 6, 3" pucks in the chlorinator...
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    Possibly cloudy?

    Thinking a bit more about this....... I have noticed randomly when I cleaned the pool with the robot, there appears to be DE in the robot filter screen (white powdering substance). Not a lot, maybe enough to fit in the palm of your hand. I usually get tremendous amounts of pollen on the water...
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    Possibly cloudy?

    Pool was opened 5 weeks ago and we have been clear and had perfect chemistry since opening. I had to go back to some old pictures to try a compare the water clarity. To me, it seems like the past 3 or 4 days have created a cloudy/hazy condition primarily in the deep end. Nothing out of the...
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    Heat Pump Newbie

    I do not have natural gas in my area and propane is over 5.50$ a gallon delivered. No solar either. Heat pump is the best/only option for me. I've settled on the Aquacal 225 which is 140k btu. Looks to be highest output for a electrical heat pump. The timer makes sense as opposed to running...
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    Heat Pump Newbie

    Very helpful. So basically, no timers for the heater just a matter of flow and temperature will determine if the heat pump comes on. Easy enough. That flow meter you suggested looks like a great tool. Probably would help determine the best speed for the VS pump to maximize efficiency for the...
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    Heat Pump Newbie

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    Heat Pump Newbie

    I have a few questions regarding heat pumps that may seem silly but I am just starting to learn about these things. My pool and pool equipment are rather simple. 18x36 in-ground (27000 gal). Hayward vs 500 pump, hayward de filter, stenner pump, 1.5" plumbing. Pool panel only has a 30amp service...
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    Heat Pump Newbie

    That was quick (y)(y)(y)(y)(y)(y)(y)
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    Heat Pump Newbie

    As this pool season comes to close in NY, I am starting to plan my spring heat pump installation. Right now I am at the baby phase of learning about heat pumps. First question....all the plumbing for my pool, pump, filter etc. is 1.5". All the heat pumps I am looking at in the 125k btu range...