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    Plumbed in chlorinator use

    Each puck is going to add about 4 ounces of stabilizer. So I‘d make sure that the resulting CYA level is acceptable. I typically raise the chlorine level and put the safety cover back on the pool if I’m going away. Don’t have to worry about equipment failures and such that way.
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    Plumbed in chlorinator use

    It depends. The #320 has a flow control that adjusts how much water flows through the stack of tablets. It’s something I’d test out first. Wide open (5) and mine will go through 10 tablets in about 2 weeks. I typically only run it until CYA is where I want it and then stop using it. I think...
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    Anyone ordered from Pool Covers Direct?

    I wouldn’t worry about it. It was more of a local FedEx Ground issue. Since it was over a certain weight, it was delivered to the house on a semi instead of a box truck. So they wanted someone at home since they were going to drop it off at the driveway instead of the house which is 300 feet...
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    It's Fall and Liquid Chlorine Not Available :(

    If you haven’t checked the Walmart website I’d do that. The Walmart I normally go to hasn’t had it at all this year. But another one nearby that I’d never been to had lots and I found that via the website. Also, most pool stores, not just Leslies may carry it. That is where I had been getting...
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    In-line vs. off-line chlorine feeder dilemma

    The Pentair is also available in an offline model. They work the same (inline vs offline), just how you plump them into your system is different. Regardless which one you choose, with trichlor tablets you’ll need to watch your CYA as its easy to let these chlorinators do all the work. I find...
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    Are some pool chemicals that the salespeople push unnecessary?

    As far as the tablet floater goes, if anyone is going to use one, take it out and put it somewhere the kids can’t get to it when they’re in the pool. They may treat it as a toy. And honestly, you don’t need or want one.
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    Does anyone know of a wifi-enabled filter pressure gauge?

    Did they update it? When I read it, the typical car (an SUV) was the Ford Explorer. But they didn’t cost $40,000 when I read it.
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    Stenner liquid chlorine pump - How to choose and install

    I would think the stenner is cheaper on startup. At least for an inground pool as the econ t can be picked up for under $300, while an SWG system seems to start around $900.
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    Chlorine keeps going back to 0

    I second the pool math app if just for the effects of adding. It helps me compare chlorine by ppm of chlorine per dollar for my pool. The high cost of chlorine due to the pandemic have made 15% from the pool store a better deal than 6% elsewhere. The 10% the nearby Walmart has is at best 7%...
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    If you were to build a new inground pool today advice.

    There might even be a rebate available through your electric supplier for a variable speed pump.
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    Hayward EC65 - High Pressure

    I‘m running an EC65 without problems. I haven’t noticed any changes in DE and I bought a new box this year. An obstruction in the returns can also increase the pressure and reduce flow. The water has only been tested twice in 4 weeks? Did you test the water when this started?
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    CYA granules or Tri-Chlor tabs... Which is more economical for raising CYA?

    The trichlor tabs don’t raise it very quickly. They have to dissolve, and they dissolve slower than the CYA granules. The bonus as stated above is they add chlorine and reduce ph slightly.
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    Anyone ordered from Pool Covers Direct?

    I’d have to look at the quote I got from the local company that the cover manufacturer recommended to see what their cover markup was. I do remember they quoted the cheapest cover they made for more than charged me for the best cover they made.
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    Anyone ordered from Pool Covers Direct?

    Well isn’t going to bring it to your pool, unbox it, and install it. They aren’t going to come out and measure it either. Thus the local company is going to be more because they have a higher markup on the cover, and labor costs. I‘d buy from them again. They put in...
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    New Pool Owner: Questions regarding Hayward Perflex DE filter

    Hayward doesn’t recommend using diluted muriatic acid for cleaning the fingers any more. I typically hose mine off and soak them in TSP with phosphates and rinse again. If they’re discolored, then I’ll use the muriatic bath to whiten them. But usually they’ll clean up with TSP alone. The...