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    Test Kits

    If you don't have a speed-stir, you need to swirl the mixture after each drop, so you know which drop caused the change.
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    Help with heating our pool...

    Our rule of thumb for our 400k btu heater is 1 degree and hour for the pool and 1 degree a minute for the hot tub.
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    Chlorine chart

    there's a chart in pool school, print it out for him. pool-school/chlorine_cya_chart_shock
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    pool guy method

    You should keep a record of everything that gets added and the amount and the date/time so you have documentation to help address the problems.
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    New Build Setup

    Why 8' deep? Our pool is 6.5' deep in the middle (slopes down from both ends) and it's deep enough that you can't stand in the middle.
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    Repair ropes on Coverstar autocover

    if some one wants to mail me the pictures, I'll post them in this forum. fred.hillen "at sign"
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    Trying to get the most out of my small yard

    Go get a couple of survey flagging tapes at the local hardware store. Put corner stakes for the pool and run tape between the stakes giving you an outline of the pool. Now mark the outline of your deck the same way with a different color tape. You can mark off the equipment pad as well. Now...
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    Should I fire my Pool Service?

    Make sure you check the CH of your fill water before you start draining. You don't want to discover you fill water has a high CH content after you've drained 7000 gallons.
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    Adding borates to an indoor pool?

    After reading the tome on "So you want to add borates to your pool--Why and How", it seemed that it would make the water softer improving the "feel". I'm not sure if it will help with my pH control. As I have an attached spa, the pH does tend to rise, so I'm adding muriatic acid every week...
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    Adding borates to an indoor pool?

    Is there any advantage / disadvantage with adding borates to an indoor pool that doesn't apply to an outdoor pool - ordor, cover issues, percipating out on the ground, etc. I finally have my CYA down to 25, the temp up to 84, and everything perfect but the CH - around 185 rather than 250. So...
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    Do I really need the testing kit?

    If you spent $90 on a good test kit, you could probably have cleared your pool up following the recommendations here for a lot less the $120 and the test kit provides chemicals for lots of tests. I have found the test kits much more reliable then my local pool stores, which rely on strips and...
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    OIL in pool

    We had a similar problem about 10 years ago when a hydraulic line broke on a trackhoe and sent about 5 gallons of oil into our storm water retention pond. Needless to say, cleaning this up took a bit of time and $. They first put straw/hay in the pond to start absorbing the oil, then a few...
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    Need advice on what to add as I slowly reduce my CYA

    I'm shooting for a CYA of 25 for now, this winter, if we stop using the pool for a while, I'll drain some more water and try to get it down to 20 which seems to be the recommended level.
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    Test result form?

    This post has a few charts and stuff:
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    Need advice on what to add as I slowly reduce my CYA

    Not done replacing yet, two more weeks at 700 gallons per day. My well pump runs as much as my pool pump.