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    Need help on fiberglass or concrete liner pool for first time pool owners

    I live in central Ohio and am on our second season with a fiberglass pool. Absolutely love it. If you are in the area and want more information, let me know!
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    Dolphin A30i Bluetooth Not Working

    I am having the same problem, with the same model. Haven’t tried to call Maytronics yet. Please share if you find anything out. Thanks!
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    Automatic pool cover recommendations

    We also have a Coverstar cover. I can’t comment on how it compares to the other brands listed, but I can tell you that I love our cover. I have complete peace of mind that nobody, including our dog, is getting in the pool unless they are supposed to be in the pool. It also makes keeping the...
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    Fiberglass pool - Safety Ledge and Many Stairs

    Sure, we went with a Dolphin Active 30i.
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    What's your current pool temp?

    Opened two weeks ago with water around 60 and now around 68 degrees. Heat pump is going on tomorrow afternoon and hope to be swimming by Easter.
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    Fiberglass pool - Safety Ledge and Many Stairs

    I posted a similar question last year, and I am so happy I went with the robot! It climbs the walls of my fiberglass pool and scrubs the water line. I use a brush on the steps and the tanning ledge, and occasionally around the safety ledge. Personally, any enjoyment I found in vacuuming...
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    Which Dolphin for my fiberglass pool?

    My pool is a rectangle with large steps in one corner, a small tanning ledge with steps in one corner, and swim out steps in each of the deep end corners. Thanks.
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    Which Dolphin for my fiberglass pool?

    My biggest concern is that it be able to climb the walls, up over the ledge found in most fiberglass pools, to scrub the waterline. My pool has steps in each corner and a small tanning ledge. I understand the cleaner will likely not clean the tops stairs and tanning ledge. Marina Pools...
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    New F/Glass build DownUnder - Adelaide - What have I let myself in for?... :)

    Incredible pictures. Thanks for sharing!
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    Central Ohio 2017/18 Fiberglass Pool Install w/video

    Yes, we were blessed with a hard working crew and quick inspections!
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    Central Ohio 2017/18 Fiberglass Pool Install w/video

    Thanks! The pool is 16 x 35 feet. It is definitely a different pool than I would have built 15-20 years ago, but I hope perfect for us now - not too much, not too little, and relatively easy to care for.
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    Central Ohio 2017/18 Fiberglass Pool Install w/video

    After 20 years (yes, years!) we finally moved forward with our long planned pool. Once we pulled the trigger, things moved pretty quickly. We signed our contract in August, and the installation took place primarily over three days in October. We are anxiously waiting for our weather to dry...
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    2018: Fiberglass install uxbridge ointario

    We have a sump tube like that next to our new fiberglass pool - came in quite handy due to the amount of rain we've had this winter!
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    Hello from Ohio

    What is the best way to post pictures in a thread?
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    Hello from Ohio

    I will probably create a build thread, but here are a few. We started the week here: And ended here: Still lots to do, but amazed at the progress so far!