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    Recurrent green algae

    Smarter people will be by, but IMO: Your CYA level is high and your FC level is low for the amount of CYA you have. Without algae, you should be maintaining at 7-10 for FC with CYA of 85. Take a look at the chart in the pool school section for the recommended chlorine/CYA levels. For now, you...
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    Screwed by the Pool Store?

    Leslie's always tries to sell PhosFree. Before I found this forum, I bought a lot of expensive chemicals I didn't need and had a green pool to boot. Trust your test results, heed the advice here, and avoid Leslie's if you can. :)
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    My week long conversion.

    Wow, you pool looks great! Aren't you glad that you read about baqua conversion here before emptying your pool?
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    Pet Pictures

    Here is a picture of our dog, Smokey, diving into the pool: And another one:
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    Polaris 280 and sand

    I had a similar problem, when my polaris wasn't working (Our pool backs up to a middle school track, lots of dust gets kicked around.) If it is an ongoing problem, then I would see what people say about the silt bag. Otherwise, I found that a good vacuuming with a skimmer sock in my leaf...
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    Pool Fire??? Ash in the pool ......

    I'm sorry to hear about the fire. I have a problem with sand getting into my pool since our yard backs up to a junior high track. I use a vacuum with a leaf canister and place skimmer sock into the canister. It is really good at catching the fine debris. Before I got the skimmer socks, I...
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    Not all Pool Stores are evil!

    There is a national chain pool store closer to me, but having been "pool stored" by them before I found TFP, I refuse to go to them. I found this place when I needed advice on how to drain our pool during a storm. They talked me through it over the phone even though I had never set foot in...
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    Not all Pool Stores are evil!

    I finally got around to taking in our Polaris to the local Pool Store to get fixed. It hadn't been working for months and I had been manually vacuuming the pool. It turns out that the jets were clogged. They charged me a whopping $4.99 ($5.40 with tax) for the fix. Best 5 bucks I've spent. :)
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    Taking the plunge!

    Wow! Your pool is really starting to look good. This thread has been fascinating. I cant wait to see the bottom of your pool. :)
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    Taking the plunge!

    cmtpres, Have you checked the prices of the liquid chlorine 12% solution at local pool stores? With the amount of bleach you are consuming, it may be more practical to use and require less trips to the store.
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    Another "pool store" story

    Aren't you glad that you are armed with correct information about your pool's chemistry? After getting pool-stored one too many times, I found this site last year and stopped going to Leslie's. I found a nice mom and pop pool store for liquid chlorine, and the times when I need Muriatic Acid...
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    clear to green in under 2 days...why?

    Someone smarter than me will be along soon, but I'm wondering if it could be copper.
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    Feeling overwhelmed

    It is ok. You can do this. Follow the steps in the Sticky and your pool should be back to sparkling clean in no time.
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    [UPD 3/22/2008] Pool Neglected - For a long time...

    Piku, your pool is looking great. It looks like you are almost there. :)
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    Crack in filter casing, how to keep algae away?

    Jason, I think that we do have a sump pump, so I'll suggest that to my husband as well.