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    Calcium too low

    What is the good brand of Calcium Chloride and where to buy it? I have Walmart, HD, and Lowe's near me. It looks like I need to add over 20 lbs FC - 5.6 CC - 0.0 pH - 8.2 TA - 75 CH - 130 CYA - 55 TEMP - 82 °F
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    Calcium too low

    I have plaster pool. I will add it to my signature. Thx By the way, my SWG showing 4.7 PPL salt. I don't have another way to test salt.
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    Calcium too low

    I'm sharing my logs.... FC - 10.4 CC - 0.0 pH - 7.7 TA - 80 CH - 150 CYA - 70 TEMP - 84 °F
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    Calcium too low

    Hello TFP, My new pool is about 2.5 months old and I'm trying to maintain it myself. According to Taylor K2006 test my calcium is about 150. Do I need to raise it is it an acceptable level? TIA
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    Small bubbles from the return line

    Ohh. OK. Thank you.
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    Small bubbles from the return line

    I do have SWG. Are you saying the bubbles are normal?
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    Small bubbles from the return line

    Our new pool is was opened about a month ago and we just start noticing small bubbles from one of the return lines. Any idea what could it be? Video
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    Help in picking a robot cleaner please

    I also just finishing a building 14x30 pool and the leafs in the pool are killing me. I'm considering S300i because it comes with a caddy, rough pre filter, and a large basket. I called Marina Pool Spa & Patio and they have 30I in stock which they said is the same as S300i.
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    New pool build in SE Florida

    Got the water in the pool 3 days ago.... Pools start-up this week and should be swimming by Fryday
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    Reasonable price to add automation?

    But does $3K sound reasonable?