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    Pentair Globrite vs Brilliant Wonders which one?

    I looked up the specs of the Brilliant Wonders light to see how much different it would be to the GloBrites. Both are 12v AC. Both have their own niches. and they are not the same . The GloBrite needs a 2" pvc for their niche. The BW needs a 1.5 pvc for it's wall fitting. The BW wall fittings...
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    Updated -- Passive solar heating system - real-life experience? -- Heat Pump installed

    usually only the side going to your panels gets diverted. the side from your panels back to the pool stays open allowing any expansion of hot water to just fall down the pipe to your pool. yes that means some water travels up that pipe but not much. least resistance and all.
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    Pentair Globrite vs Brilliant Wonders which one?

    This is the one globrite. The other has a similar crack in the case. Can only think this happened because of excessive heat / poor design.
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    Pentair Globrite vs Brilliant Wonders which one?

    was hoping you would go for anything other than globrite. this is what happened to both the 2013 era globrites in my pool. we just replaced one but the second one the cable snapped 10’ from the end. now i have to get fish tape and hope for the best. pool installer did 90 degree pvc instead of...
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    First time pool owner having trouble with Intellibrite Controller

    Here is the link to the Installation and user's guide for that controller. It includes wiring diagram. Which, by the sound of it, the electrician should have read before installing.
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    *Finished* Pool Build in Cape Haze peninsula SW Florida

    Dropbox removed all my pics. sorry. :brickwall:
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    Pentair Globrite

    Don't blame you. Better safe then dead. :)
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    New Pool Build In Winter Garden FL

    Wouldn't sweat it too much. The finish has a warranty. The PB sounds like a decent outfit so they should stand behind their work.
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    Landscaping around pool - finally

    Today's pictures. We lost a white bird of paradise on the the south corner so we put in a banana plant. No fruit yet though. Almost can swim nekid... lol
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    New Pool Build In Winter Garden FL

    Congrats on your pool. If the patches don't brush out, I would check with your PB. When you add chemicals, are you running the pump and adding them in front of a return? I don't recall how much I had to do when starting the pool.
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    Winterizing Pentair GloBrite Lights

    Wish I had an answer. We don't get cold enough to freeze here. Removing the lights is a pain and I would be concerned the ice would damage the sleeve or the niche. The GloBrites, although expensive, would be cheaper to replace than the niche if it cracked.
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    Pentair Globrite

    Posted in another thread, we lost two in lightning. I didn't replace them yet as they are too expensive. I have seen poor reviews of these lately. One issue was the water behind the lens. I don't know of any other light that we could use to replace it. Does anyone? Short of replacing the niche I...
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    Lighting advice-Globrites Vs Intellibrite???

    Update to this post since it has been a little more than a year that I have had GloBrites, it might help someone. The GloBrites worked great up until we got hit by lightning. I lost a lot of electronics. Thankfully, the GloBrites were the only pool item damaged. Now I have to replace both. What...
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    Still swimming?

    Pool is 88 today with the solar running.
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    TF-100 readings and my SLAM process

    Guess I won't mention my pool hit 94 earlier this month. :snorkle: