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    Electrical Shock

    Thank you for the clarification. I could never really get a straight answer.
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    Electrical Shock

    Follow this to wire your pool electric. I did all my electrical this summer and did something similar - except I only bonded my pool shell on one of the bolts where the pool wall came together. My inspector was OK with that and just complained that the way they build pools this days - there is...
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    Backfill advice for partially buried / semi-inground AGP

    Ok yep that would be something I would try to remedy. I would probably do a drain around the pool leading to a pipe that is dug underground to drain away from the pool. Will be some labor but worth it. Once you have the drain tile in i would think you'd be ok with the soil or gravel. I did...
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    Backfill advice for partially buried / semi-inground AGP

    I am almost 3ft deep on my highest point and it goes down to level with the ground on the other side of the pool. I have about 18 to 24 inches from the wall of the pool to the dirt. It is not exactly even all the way around. And no im not worried about freezing. Its just gravel.
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    Backfill advice for partially buried / semi-inground AGP

    Im also in NE Ohio.. I backfilled mine with 57 gravel. Had it delivered and cost about $200. I ended up using all my soil (clay) to build up a low spot in my back yard. I do wish I would've put drain tile at the bottom of the gravel because when it rained on labor day it was pooling on top of...
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    Night Swimming

    Yikes. The bigger ones were the only ones holding onto dear life. We got a ton of rain on Monday so maybe that had something to do with it.. seemed excessive but most were in the skimmer and pump basket. Pool didn't have too many left.
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    Night Swimming

    When I was scooping them out it was almost like a sludge. Maybe I was imagining things. I am not 100 percent what they even were but this is the 2nd time it has happened this summer. My pump had lost its prime so glad I happened to look while checking chlorine level.:geek:
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    Night Swimming

    Tried to get my wife to go for a night swim after the kids were in bed. Not sure why she said no?
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    Eco Therm 4” Coping top

    Was the pool set on pavers for each upright? I couldn't find too much info on that pool to see pictures. Seems like they want you to contact them to sell you. It appears the pool is sinking. Is there caps for the joints on the top rail or is that supposed to be 1 continuous piece? Hopefully you...
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    Electrical Installation Planning

    If you are running a 20 amp circuit you need 12/2 romex from panel to a junction box just outside house. From there you can switch to conduit - I would use 3/4 inch schedule 40. You will pull 3 conductors (thhn/thwn) white,green,red 12 gauge to a gfci outlet. Just make sure you use green , white...
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    Water bonding

    What does your skimmer look like? Or do you have one? There is a kit from Burndy that has a plate that goes in the skimmer below the water line to bond the water. You drill a hole through skimmer and attach a lug then run your bonding wire. Your pump should be bonded too - does it have a bonding...
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    Non-Intex-type Liner Designs

    This is the Capri from pool factory. I wanted something darker and this was lighter than the picture. Oh well it seems good quality. It is a unibead which was a breeze to install.
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    Looking for suggestions for Resin AGP?

    Make sure you check out that company before you order from them. is a good company - I have seen several members on here use them. I ordered one this summer and it was a good experience. Another company I was considering was pool warehouse but they were all out when I ordered.
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    some pool posts leaning sideways

    Not familiar with your pool install but when I put my uprights in the bottom boot I used a 3ft level to make sure they were straight. The instructions said if they were not then you would have issues getting the top rail on. I would just adjust when you have time so everything is straight.