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    Help learning a new pump/filter/equipment setup

    Taking over my friend's pool from the pool store and needing to learn about her equipment. Downloading manuals from the manufacturers, but not exactly sure on the valves in the plumbing etc. Any input is appreciated! My guess: Valve 1 and 2 are the skimmer and the intake from the bottom on...
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    Help with family friend's pool - ammonia?

    She is going to fire the pool guy, and I'm taking over. She got the bill and they charged her for 50 bottles of liquid chlorine, however they delivered 45 and gave her instructions for adding 45. Pool guy's numbers were FCL 2.32, TCL 3.0, PH 7.1, Alk 95, CH 180, CYA 93, Cop 0.6, Iron 0.0...
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    Help with family friend's pool - ammonia?

    This is unfortunately coming from the largest pool company/store in town...they've been in business since 1954... you can imagine how many customers they have in our town of 400,000 people. Perhaps I've got a new career in pool servicing if I can get her fire the pool store... She's been...
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    Help with family friend's pool - ammonia?

    Update: Things going well I thought... I've gotten the TA up to 60 from 30, and PH from <6.7 to 7.1. I believe chlorine is holding over night, the problem is that I cannot test it at sundown and before the sun has been on it a few hours. Pool is crystal clear. We put in stabilizer to go from...
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    Help with family friend's pool - ammonia?

    Sorry this is long, LOL Background, I myself have had above ground pools for 10 years now. Been using the TFP method since the beginning. A family friend reached out asking for help with her pool. Her pool is serviced by one of the local pool stores (for 25+ years). She has a 22000gal vinyl...
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    Intex Ultra Frame rusted out in one year

    We are on month 4 of the new Coleman with the windows... so far not a spec of rust, and no leaky windows.
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    What does your above ground pool paradise look like??

    We have that same gazebo and we leave the canvas on year round (we sit outside a lot even in a light rain during the late fall and early spring) Our canvas has withstood hail, 60+mph winds, snow etc! After 4 years it had enough sun damage that a few hail stones went through it. Lowe's sells...
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