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    Cloudy Pool Water

    I just opened my vinyl lined pool a week ago. I have added chlorine multiple times, but it is dissipating faster than I can add it. The pool water is still very cloudy. What do I need to do to make the water clear? Thanks. FC -0 CYA - 20 PH -7.7 TA -73 CH -50
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    Need Help with Cloudy Water

    I was traveling for most of the summer and opened my vinyl pool on July 13. I have been struggling with cloudy water and any help would be much appreciated. I just tested low for CYA and started to add stabilizer yesterday. FC-2 Ph- 7.4 TA-100 CH - 120 CYA - 5 Borate - 60
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    Adding Stabilizer and Borates to Pool

    What should the TA be before I add borates?
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    Adding Stabilizer and Borates to Pool

    Can I add stabilizer and borates to the pool at the same time? Here are my numbers FC=5 TA=90 CH=250 pH=7.4 CYA=33
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    Pool Chemical Levels with a Vinyl Liner

    Thanks. PoolMath says TA should be 50-90+. This a broad range. What level of TA should I shoot for?
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    Pool Chemical Levels with a Vinyl Liner

    I recently moved from Houston where I had a Pebble Tec pool. Now, I live in the Albany NY area and have a vinyl liner in my pool. Does the liner impact the level of chemicals I add to the pool? Does the liner impact the level of borates I add to the pool? The pool is currently very clear. My...
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    Calculating Pool Size and Few Other Questions

    I recently relocated from Houston to the Albany, New York area, and opened my new pool yesterday. I have a roman double sided pool with a vinyl liner and the following dimensions - 18X36. The two half circle ends are 4 ft in length, the shallow end is 3 feet and the deep end is 8 ft. I am...
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    Calcium Hardness

    Lowe's sell a 50lb bag of calcium chloride for $ 18.97. This seems to be a much more cost effective approach to increasing calcium levels. Do you know if it is OK to use this product?
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    Calcium Hardness

    What is the most cost effective way to increase calcium hardness? We are getting a lot of rain here in Houston and it been getting expensive to maintain the proper calcium hardness levels (250-350).
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    Raising FC level with SWG

    Hello, I installed a SWG on Friday and I am trying raise my FC level for a barbecue tomorrow. My SWG is running at 100% and I am currently running my pump from 8 am to 8 pm. What do you recommend? Here are my numbers: FC - 1 pm pH - 7.3 TA - 70 CH - 300 CYA - 40 - (I am currently using the...
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    Adding Chemicals and Salt to SWG

    Do you turn the SWG off when adding salt and other chemicals to the pool?
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    New SWG Questions.

    Hello Everyone, Today, I installed a Pentair IC40 Salt Cell. I used Morton Pool Salt to get started. Is it OK to use solar salt going forward? I currently have the cell running at 80%. Is this the proper setting? Should I let my pump run overnight? How long will it take for my low salt light...
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    Best Type of Salt For Pool

    Later this week I am switching to a saltwater pool. What is the best kind of salt for my pool and where do I find it at the best price?
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    CYA Chemicals in a Sock

    Hello, I purchased some CYA chemicals at the pool store and was advised to put the chemicals in a sock under the skimmer basket. I left the sock under the skimmer basket for 3-4 days and returned to find that the sock was no longer under the basket. I eventually found that it had been sucked...
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    Total Alkalinity Issues

    I tested the water again and mixed it well. The TA is still coming up at 40. My pool water is clear and sparkling. The pool chemicals that I have on hand are liquid chlorine and muriatic acid. What should I do to balance my water and in what order? Thanks