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    This forum can be read by anyone. Just about any information you might share with us is posted publicly for the world to see. There are certain fields which are normally kept private, for example, your IP address and private messages. However, lets face it, we are pool people, not computer security experts. If any half way serious hacker targeted the site I am sure they could easily expose everything.

    We place a small piece of text, referred to as a cookie, in your web browser so that we can tell if you have visited the site before and if so what content you have already seen. The cookie does not contain any personally identifying information. It is used to provide features like keeping you logged into the site across visits, and offering you content that is new since your last visit.

    Opt Out
    If you want to opt out of our collection of your information, you must not provide it to us in the first place. Look, we are not after your private information, but you do have to reveal something for us to be able to answer your questions. This all happens on a publicly visible forum site. If it didn't you would never have heard of us, and again we wouldn't be able to answer your questions. Publicly visible means not private. Sorry, that is just the way it is.

    Of course, none of the above applies to donations. Donations are not handled on our servers, they are handled by PayPal. Check with PayPal to see what their privacy policies are. The only things we use the information that comes from PayPal in association with donations for is to give you a supporter plaque when warranted, to handle routine customer service issues, and to make sure you are able to get whatever discount(s) and/or bonus item(s) we are offering to supporters at the time. Technically, we can also be compelled by the government to reveal it, but that has never happened (so far anyway). We really appreciate our supporters and try to do right by them.