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You may have noticed, there’s something missing on TFP. We accept no advertising from companies as we don’t wish to have our advice compromised by financial incentives. Members at TFP are all volunteers and are simply here to help you with your pool. We’d like to share with you a handful of ways that you can help TFP as we continue to grow.

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Funding for TFP

TFP Supporters

TFP is funded by our Supporters who are users just like you. We work hard to provide a site that’s inviting to be a part of and a product that’s second to nobody. We want to first earn your trust by providing you with solid advice before asking you to donate to our website. If you’ve been helped by TFP, please support us so we can help additional members worldwide. Donations are by far the most effective method of helping out and helping run the site.


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Our App, PoolMath does carry a subscription feature that allows users to utilize some extra perks. For $8 a year users will be able to track all of their test results and various other items. As an added bonus some of the funding from the subscription goes right back to TFP. We use to further improve the website. If you’re enjoying the App, subscribe knowing that you’re helping fund the website as you go.


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Free Ways to help

We know that right now is a time of great uncertainty. Covid has clearly had a MAJOR impact on peoples’ lives and many of our users we know cannot afford various items right now yet would still like to assist TFP. Click on each box below for a few simple ways that can greatly help the site grow.


Join Amazon Smile

Help assist TFP as you do your shopping on Amazon. As you shop TFP will receive a donation from Amazon.

Amazon Smile

Use Amazon Smile and direct the donation to TFP while shopping. Costs you nothing and helps TFP keep the lights on.
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How many times did you wish you had found TFP sooner? Help your friends by introducing them to Trouble Free Pool.

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How Often have you wished you had learned about TFP sooner? Help your friends learn about TFP by introducing them to our site.
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If you're using PoolMath, leave us a positive review. These reviews go a long ways in helping get displayed.

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A five star rating helps TFP greatly get PoolMath displayed. If you're enjoying the App, take a few minutes to give us a positive review.
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TFP has a growing assortment of videos on YouTube. If you're a fan of these videos, subscribe for future updates.

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