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Our main goal is to provide easy-to-understand help to pool owners, to give them the tools to care for and maintain their pools easily and stress-free. We do this by making sure our advice is simple to understand and we do our best to avoid diving deep into the scientific details. We know pool owners just want to swim, not take a high school chemistry class.

The root of TFPC

ABC's of Pool Water Chemistry

The ABC’s of Pool Water Chemistry is where we lay a solid base of information. Users are given a clear description of what each variable is and how it effects your pools chemistry. This info is then built upon as we explain more in-depth details of maintaining your pool.


Science Behind TFPC

FC/CYA Ratio

The science of Trouble Free Pool Care (TFPC) has been around for over 5 decades however the industry has largely ignored it in the past. Understanding that the

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Test Kits Compared

We have completed pool test kit reviews to show you the best kit. Check out the following comparison table for your best choice. These kits are vital for pool owners .


We've put together a completion of videos dedicated to helping users understand pool care. Most videos takes roughly 3 minutes to view and explains multiple parts of pool care.

Reccomended Pool Chemicals

There are thousands of different pool chemicals companies attempt to sell you. These pool chemicals are cheap, easy to find, and have little side effects.