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Meet BDavis

Enjoy learning about one of TFP’s building Experts. In 2014 this professional Firefighter and licensed

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Glass by swimming pool

How long to wait between adding pool chemicals

Adding pool chemicals can seem like a daunting chore. From knowing the chemicals involved to applying them, wait times, appropriate swimming time, and more, it can be hectic. In this article, we will provide answers to some of the most nagging questions, how long to wait between adding chemicals and what are the dangers involved when adding pool chemicals.

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Pump Basics

Purchasing a pool pump can often be frustrating and expensive process. Pool builders often steer

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Suction Side Air Leaks

If you see air bubbles coming out of the return lines in your pool, you likely have a leak. Some signs that a suction side plumbing leak has occurred include: Read more

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