Getting to Know Us

Meet Mknauss

It's all his fault!

Let’s look at the one who’s luck found him on a cruise during this time of uncertainty. 

Describe your current pool.

This is our very first pool. It’s a small pool just for us to cool down in our warm summers. Has been pretty simple to manage. We leave for extended trips and with little intervention it stays in good shape. The SWCG lets us do that.

When I convinced my wife to move back to the desert when we retired, she said ‘only if I get a pool!’ So there it is. And we both enjoy it.

Tell us about building/remodeling your pool?

Finding this forum towards the end of the planning and adding the Easytouch/SWCG from reading on the forum. We had some delays and some poor workmanship. We live in a rural area and services are not of great quality.

Tell us a little bit of personal stuff if you don’t mind

In my past life I was a Retired Petroleum Engineer. Now that I’m retired I enjoy TFP followed by – travel! We travel a lot. And when home I like to go fishing and also lead an Economic Development nonprofit for our area. We’ve got no kids but do have a few family members over from time to time.